3 thoughts on “Analysis: It sure is sunny here at Slabbed”

  1. The way the officials and attorneys of Children’s Hospital are pissing on the legs of the Jefferson Council (7-0 vote) concerning the great decrease in hospital lease money and violating lease promises will open the entire Council to being swept out of their BS diapers next election cycle especially with the FBI investigating foul odors surrounding the bidding/leasing process.


    This is the exact reverse process of a contractor putting in a super low bid and after winning applying for years of change orders inflating the cost 100 % ( i.e The Jefferson Performing Arts Building on Airline -( 27 million to 50 million)..

    1. What makes the JP Council different is they still try to interfere even with the FBI evidently poking around the contract.

      I well remember Ms. Klibert. She is a dedicated indeed exemplary public servant.

      If I had just a sliver of free time……..

  2. Apparently the FBI will have to increase its labor force to allow for coverage in Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes. Something smells rotten in JP.

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