Walter, it appears you are in some very deep doo-doo my man……..

I think this will be one of those rare federal prosecutions which snag multiple family members.

Theft investigation raises questions about St. Tammany DA’s Office ~ Sara Pagones and Gordon Russell

St. Tammany Parish Hospital dealings with Reed family call for investigation: Editorial ~ NOLA.Com Editorial Board

Something tells me the lynch mob that will accompany what is coming will be unusually interested in seeing DA Reed squirm.

3 thoughts on “Walter, it appears you are in some very deep doo-doo my man……..”

    1. Yep, as per my comments years ago, in Satanic Tammany Parish they do indeed play one of the latest edition/versions of Crony Capitalism Monoploy, i.e. Malicious Prosecution, as per Goyeneche’s comment : ” They went right past the ‘GO’ position on the Monopoly board and went straight to Park Place. They reached right into the DA’s office.”

      Seems like CON-summate story -teller Barbara Marullo, assigned the metal Pinocchio’s nose icon as her game piece, rolled her dice and jumped her nose right over Sheriff Strain’s Office. I guess she done thought dat da’ Sheriff might tink it would be a “Strain” on his ethics and he wouldn’t be up to playing the Malicious Prosecution version of Monopoly with them.

      But Greedy Reedy, an experienced player in the Malicious Prosecution game, sure was chomping at da’ bit to play and play he did for a full year. Now favorite attorney Charles Hughes might have to possibly play a clean-up role, try to roll his dice and get his “Legal Scales” icon to jump past the $42,000 claimed damages spot on da’ board created by Marullo’s/ Reeds’ previous unethical play to save Satanic Tammany Parish from paying $$$$.

      Eventually Reed and company addicted to playing and rollin’ da’ dice will one day land on the infamous “Do not past GO but go straight to jail” and the GAME will finally end. Amen

      1. Lock, do keep in mind the malicious prosecution gig by any disabled attorney is a given, and indeed, permissible, as you simply cannot get civil relief from the extortion by a disabled attorney unless the disabled attorney is fool enough to state before witnesses that he is maliciously prosecuting someone without cause, so sayeth the Supreme Jesters of the USSofA.

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