INYBUAR: Never a dull moment

In the past week we’ve had a U.S. Senate runoff primary election that saw the incumbent/underdog come from behind and win based upon expanding the electorate beyond traditional GOP support bases. Then of course, of all the crazy, zany things that accompanied the election such as discussion of Thad’s boss-tenant relationship with senior staffer Kay Weber along Constitutional Clayton sneaking into Rose Cochran’s nursing home room and snapping a few photos, one Clayton’s alleged co-conspirators, GOP stalwart Mark Mayfield puts a bullet in his own head, evidently unable to deal with the pressure of being charged as Clayton’s co-conspirator.  At this point it is worth noting it is not clear what, if any law Clayton, a now notorious dipshit, broke in taking Rose Cochran’s pic.  Here is what I think is the best piece on the Mayfield suicide:

Mayfield’s death ‘puts an exclamation point’ on election ~ Sam Hall

Of course over the weekend we get a bonus DUI:

Hinds County GOP chairman Pete Perry arrested for DUI ~ Sam Hall

Pete Perry!??!  Pete Perry???! And slowly I turned,,,,,

Republican Pete Perry Examines DEMOCRATIC Primary In HANCOCK County? ~ Cottonmouth

Here is another thought about last week’s election.

I’m detecting some parallels between Vance McAlister’s election to the House of Representatives and Thad winning the GOP primary last week. That needs its own post however.

2 thoughts on “INYBUAR: Never a dull moment”

  1. Conservative blood has been spilled and how much one can directly blame Boss Hogg/ Madison Police/ Thad Cock-ran/ black Democratic voters is debatable, but one thing for sure the Tea Party and Mc Daniel will retool and come back stronger and there will be big time political retribution.

    Y’all just remember where the name “Rebel Yell” came from nor have we forgotten the cruel Carpetbaggers BS and other ridiculous political-correct crap ( i.e. Johhny Reb was cruelly and innocently cut down and replaced with bear shit) the liberal Democrats have spit out of their progressive assholes.

    Its times like this that one should ask- WWDDD ? (What Would Dizzy Dean Do)

  2. Not only does Mississippi make the Number 1 List of being the ‘Most Corrupt State in the Nation’ (thanks to DMR) but according to what I read this week, we are also Number 1 in the ‘Most Unhealthy’ which is thanks in part to our wonderful, Christian leaders saying NO to additional Medicaid for its poorest citizens.

    And today we made CNN with the Thad Cochran – Michael McDaniel ‘dog and pony’ Show. What choice did we have when we went to the polls last week. Will November be a better month with the addition of the Democratic candidate in the hunt? God help us!

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