That free advice I gave St. Slammany D.A. Walter Reed is looking better and better……

Too bad he didn’t take it because with the FBI crawling around all over St Tammany Parish I don’t think there are any Harry Morel type deals available any longer.

Hospital officials created position for DA Walter Reed’s brother, emails show ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

6 thoughts on “That free advice I gave St. Slammany D.A. Walter Reed is looking better and better……”

  1. Holy Hospital Hustling Hoes Batman,

    Even your supposedly sacred hospitals have been infiltrated by political hoes and If this is what is occurring at piss-ant Satanic Tammany General can you just imagine the number of political dead head political jobs at East and West Jefferson Hospitals.

    In 1999 when the Jeff Parish politicos paid a MILLION dollar study to improve the financial plight of the two hospitals and the same politicos failed to follow recommendations to unite the two hospitals it should have been apparent then that there is intentional political financial malfeasance occurring.

    With just these revelations a State Legis auditor should investigate not only Satanic Tammany General but both East and West Jefferson Hospitals.

  2. Lock, a good starting point for the Legislatively-Addled Auditor is to determine just exactly how a public institution is in possession of non-public funds to have made payments from non-public funds as alleged by Mr. Reed. I can imagine some source-specific grant to the entity with specific conditions, enabling the funds to escape confusion – which then beggars the next question, how and why would such a mechanism have been been effectuated in the first place for such a specific outcome?
    Certainly even the Legislatively-Addled Auditor would find the two sets-of-books operation under those circumstances which would be a requirement for legitimacy of such a scheme. The confusion of funds, on the other hand, evidenced by the existence of payroll checks drawn on only one account, would cast into doubt the purported scheme.
    Perhaps the Fourth Estate investigators would want to ask THAT question in order to resolve the contention by Mr. Reed as to the funds used for payment of an alleged “non-public nature.”

    1. Heh.

      Wassup with this? Are they that lacking in foresight, or were they leaving Easter eggs to be found later?

      In a March 24 meeting, the emails show a hospital administrator told another employee, “I know that there is nothing for him to do, but put him on the receiving dock. Anything. Put him anywhere. Pushing a cart. Licking stamps. Birdwatching.”

      St. Tammany Parish Hospital CEO Patti Ellish said “personnel matters are confidential and private and a such are not subject to public comment.”

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