Scooby Doo to the rescue!

Just when you think someone has Boss Hogg on the ropes, he goes all biblical and whips out an old school trick from his Gris-gris bag. Turns out black Democrats still matter in Mississippi as Scooby Doo and political operatives like him got some paying work rustling up eligible black voters to participate in the GOP primary runoff. That act of engagement was the difference maker for Cochran.  It has also infuriated half the GOP electorate.

Here is a three pack of worthy links, first up the straight news account:

Cochran Wins Mississippi Runoff, Edges TEA Partyer ~ AP

And now a couple from some of those that are infuriated starting with our friend Scott over at The Hayride:

Cochran Won In Mississippi ~ Scott McKay

Scott goes biblical himself quoting Mark. Don’t let the understated headline fool you folks as Scott has a must read up. Next up are the folks over at Red State:

The Marionettes Remain Uncut ~ Erick Erickson

Erickson has a very interesting take on the politics at play:

But this becomes a longer term problem for the Republican Party. Its core activists hate its leadership more and more. But its leadership are dependent more and more on large check writers to keep their power. Those large check writers are further and further removed from the interests of both the base of the party and Main Street. So to keep power, the GOP focuses more and more on a smaller and smaller band of puppeteers to keep their marionettes upright. At some point there will be more people with knives out to cut the strings than there will be puppeteers with checkbooks.

Worth noting is that Cochran has now successfully exploited the black vote in Mississippi two times, the first when he was elected back in 1978 and again for what is likely his last term. This is where certain TEA Party rhetoric that scapegoats the poor does not serve them well IMHO. And the bottom line is every welfare cheat in the nation added together couldn’t steal a tenth of what the Investment banks did last decade.

It will be interesting to see how the splits in the Mississippi GOP carry over to November and beyond to the 2015 State Elections. To this point Phil Bryant has managed to largely stay in the TEA Party’s good graces. Throw in Tate Reeves and there is lots of backstabbing potential. I’m looking forward to it.

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