Add a tax lien to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts’ resume

IRS hits Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts with $90,000 lien on unpaid taxes ~ Ben Myers

And Roberts’ explanation of how things got to this point does not make sense and it set off the following precision instrument here at the worldwide headquarters of Slabbed New Media:

And this in turn lead here:

Additional vital background here.

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  1. The IRS typically allows a two-year “carry back” period to deduct net operating losses, although there are exceptions allowing longer periods. Roberts said the Quizno’s liabilities were spread over many creditors, and he maintains the carry back periods began at various times when creditors made demands on particular debts.

    Whut? Is he claiming the expense isn’t incurred until the account is sent to collection? Or does it take a small claims case or worse to actually register on his books? Since he uses the words “particular debts” it seems like this refers to unpaid expenses (alternately lines of credit or loans) which should have been booked when incurred (and billed to the business), but I’m not a CPA. Probably a large demand for this new method of bookkeeping should the IRS decide to allow it.

    1. That appears to be exactly what he is saying. This sounds like the sort of tax position Big D would take for a client.

      For him to owe the money, he had to have those returns filed and processed. Just guessing but I’d lay odds the IRS disallowed those deductions.

  2. after reading this comment, and being reminded of the unethical mockery
    roberts made of the use of campaign spending, we are still amazed that mr. letten, mr. zurick and others put roberts off the radar:

    “waypastenough 4 hours ago
    Now we know why Mr. Roberts was buying all his personal toys (mardi gras float, antique fire engine, vintage delivery truck, $25,000 Vegas custom ‘bat out of hell’ golf cart, hot dog stand, snow ball stand, dues for carnival clubs, Chinese mardi gras beads, $40,000 sound and LED equipment, etc. etc. etc.) thru his Campaign Contractor Contributions.”

    1. Not to come over as snide, but truly you have by now figured Louse Letten and Zilch Zuick DID pull punches against select members of the kleptocracy. You simply can’t explain away that fact. Even if it was an accident, to quote Fraudster D. Roosevelt: If there is an accident in politics, you can believe it was planed that way.

  3. Its so simple and he doesn’t need his Goggle glass, or to sit on his 4Q toilet at 5AM nor even talk to Greedy Reedy in Satanic Tammany Parish. He just needs to laundry hundreds of thousands of his campaign $$$$$ through his Quinoz restaurant in form of campaign parties/ victory party thereby generating big profits so he can pay his tax debts.

    After all, he has and remains the undefeated, reigning ” King of JP Pay to Play” campaign funding magnate as reported at every bi-monthly Council meeting by The Citizens for Good Government.

  4. The Jefferson Parish Attorney is having property auctioned off in St Tammany for non-payment of property taxes.

    Amount Due: $4802.50
    JEFFERSON, LA 70121

    PART OF SQ 1603 NEW COVINGTON BND BY 16TH 17TH JACKSON MONROE STREETS MEAS 300X2 00X125X325 CB 785 610 612 INST NO 1110786 INST NO 1167122

    1. Hmm, given Foshee defended the Jefferson Kleptocracy when they were doing a decade worth of property theft aka “tax sales ” in violation of law, payback is fun to watch.

    2. Jr: As per the current 2013 properties to be sold by Sheriff of Satanic Tammany Parish she is no longer on the list( i.e. put in 100% under “search” list).

      1. The site says there is an amount due of $4802.50. At least she did not go out and get the patricia core special.

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