In Louisiana, DAing is a literal gold mine…….

Its frankly damning as the folks over at the New Orleans Advocate are chootin’ fish in a barrel:

DA’s gold business included partnership with convict ~ Sara Pagones and Katie Moore

This is the part that got everyone’s attention:

They struck a deal under which Moseley and Reed, through their brand-new business, would provide Cazaubon cash to buy gold in exchange for a hefty chunk of Cazaubon’s profits. But the agreement was short-lived, and within weeks after they severed ties, Cazaubon’s home and business were raided by probation agents and other law enforcement officers. Soon, an assistant to Reed was arguing before a judge that the shop owner’s probation should be revoked.

If Richard Sharp had only been able to procure a real lawyer…..

2 thoughts on “In Louisiana, DAing is a literal gold mine…….”

  1. Covington Police Chief fired Friday morning
    April 26, 2013 at 11:21 AM, updated April 26, 2013 at 7:16 PM

    Covington Mayor Mike Cooper fired the city’s police chief, Richard Palmisano, Friday morning, citing the recent arrests of two city police officers for allegedly using excessive force on a shoplifting suspect.

    People post all sorts of things in comments. You find delusions, confusions, fabrications, commentary, opinions, allegations; and, occasionally, a fact or two. A few comments I found interesting at this article conveniently linked by the blog op. No idea where they fall on the comment continuum. At this time I’ll just repost one of them here. This is an example of the type of allegation that could be subject to verification, and might be worthwhile to explore.

    jdc91gt Apr 26, 2013
    The real stink started when Covington PD set up a DWI checkpoint down the road from an establishment hosting a fundraiser for Walter Reed. So, this is a vendetta from Reed being carried out by your dear mayor. La. politics at its best!

  2. Holy Shakedown Signs Batman,

    I donut know nuttin bout’ doin’ business wit convicts but dis sounds a little like a mafia shakedown- like man ‘ you gotta do dis and/or dat and give me $$$$ for dis or dat , or bad tings might happen to you and/or yo’ business ‘.

    In this case da’ bad tings might be raids, revocation of probation and a free all expense paid trip to da’ can for a few years.

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