Bill Walker stirs up one last hornets nest on his way to the pokey

Yes he did folks. Mary Perez over at the Sun Herald had it last Friday:

“There has been no outpouring of outrage, with the exception of the press on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” the motion said. “People that have known Walker have sent letters of support that have been forwarded to the court for consideration.”

It appears Bill Walker’s motion for a downward departure left out a thing or two, beginning with the outrage part. Here at Slabbed and speaking strictly for myself, what happens from here on out with these guilty pleas will not bother me one way or the other. That said, Friday night the bat phone started ringing off the hook here at Slabbed New Media, including current and former DMR employees. Its complicated folks but rest assured there is plenty of outrage accompanied by a palpable sense of betrayal of the public trust along with that of the stakeholders at DMR that Bill Walker’s personal enrichment schemes would also greatly impact.

But there is more unfortunately and this is where most of the bad karma that surrounds the Walkers is derived in my opinion because there is also a human toll. Michaela Hill immediately comes to mind here and her family blames you for what happened Bill.  Phil Bass also comes to mind.  I can’t speak for the Bass family but I can for a couple of folks that knew him well.  They’re all looking to you Bill for some answers.

Five years in jail will not bring either back.  Later today in Hattiesburg we’ll see if justice is done.  I will be there to witness what happens. Stay tuned.

38 thoughts on “Bill Walker stirs up one last hornets nest on his way to the pokey”

  1. I, for one, do not understand an attorney writing this kind of BS to a judge when asking for a downward departure from sentencing guidelines. Seems very arrogant to this old salty dog. I hope they make public all of the letters sent to the court by friends and family. Also if you look at Janus facing 10 years vs. Walker only facing 5 years you just have to shake your head in disbelief. Walker is getting a real deal at 5 years. I predict his sentence to be 3 years which is not what it should be. He should spend his retirement years with the BOP.

    1. I, for one, do not understand

      Sometimes this is a good thing.

      Takes a special type get elbows deep in the sausage making.

  2. Well, it looks like Walker and Janus are going to the big house. I am curious to hear from Doug and other types that have experience with situations like this regarding Walker Jr, Ziegler, and Shumate (if she is convicted or pleas). I am thinking Walker Jr. will at least get 5 or more, who knows about Ziegler and Shumate may end up digging a hole she can’t get out of.

    1. If Shumate and Ziegler fight the charges and are convicted they will get more time than Bill Walker got today. Worth noting is that with all the upward enhancements Walker could have gotten up to 87 months but the charge to which he copped a plea was capped at 5 years total. If he gets full credit for good behavior he’ll be in a halfway house about 48 months after he reports.

      At 5 years, Walker likely got too stiff a sentence to start out at Maxwell AFB or the Club Fed in Pensacola as his lawyer requested. He’s likely to start out someplace like FCI Yazoo City.

      Ziegler is in very deeply with the Marine Resources Foundation and Shumate’s secretary was referenced in Bill Walker’s pre-sentencing report. Not forgotten was Michaela Hill, whose tragic suicide was also recounted in some way in Walker’s pre-sentencing report.

      I’ll have more in a dedicated post a bit later.

  3. I am surprised Billy Boy got the maximum sentence. I am anxiously awaiting Shumate’s trial, since she is still maintaining her innocence while everyone around her has pled guilty. I am still puzzled that the Feds didn’t go after her for purchasing her parents property with federal dollars, and why wasn’t Judy Steckler implicated in the Walker property purchase? I don’t know the technical definition of money laundering, but in my mind, that deal seems to come pretty close to what I think that terminology means. How many big fish were let off the hook?

  4. Janus stops on teh way to meet up with Ray Nagin and Aaron Broussard. Lets the people know what he thinks. The people were deprived when he took the plea instead of taking it to trial and testifying in his own behalf. This would have sold to a jury of Janus and Walker peers.

    Janus tells his side of indictment: ‘It’s like a John Grisham novel. It really is.’

    In the end, Janus said he decided to plead guilty after a conversation with his daughters.

    “Daddy can go to jail for 10 years and fight for what’s right or he can suck it up, plead guilty and maybe daddy goes to jail for a year,” he explained.

    “They picked a year.”

    Janus said all the indictment accomplished was to kill an aquarium project that was going to benefit millions of visitors and school kids.

    “At the end of the day what did they accomplish? Did they take some mastermind criminal off the streets?” Janus asks.

    Those not in the swelled head and fatcat fraternity? This woe is me story is probably a no sale.

    1. As far as the literary comparison, seems like the DMR saga is less John Grisham and more Elmore Leonard channeling a confederacy of dunces in an alternate universe.

      1. Coming soon by felonious author Michael Janus “BAND OF FOOLS”. He could have done a lot better for his family by being honest in his interview. To defend their actions in this manner is laughable. No Mr. Janus, they did not get a mastermind criminal off the streets just a few minimal minds. Serve your time, you did the crime

      2. RFP,

        I read the story myself and was rather puzzled. To me, it seems as if there were details missing and his story did not add up. The bill was added at the last minute and Ol’ Rusty “inadvertently” voted in favor? Hmmm….Either Scott swindled Rusty and Janus or he is not telling us the entire story.

        1. “There’s so much to the story that hasn’t been reported.” I’d probably believe that if I heard it as a juror or trier of fact.

          “In a million years I never thought I would get indicted.” I’d probably believe that if I heard it as a juror or trier of fact.

          The rest of it? Please proceed. Please proceed Mr. Janus.

  5. Why hasn’t Sharon Walker been pulled into all this? Wasn’t she heading up the Ocean Expo debacle? What about the Palazzo family? They sold v-zone property to the DMR for $1M an acre. Crooks – all of them!

    1. All true. But no one except those at Slabbed are outraged about all the other stuff.

  6. I am so sick of the entire DMR scenario! Only a few people will serve time for their actions after they have stolen MILLIONS.

    And what do we have at DMR to show for it after Walker bit the dust? Jamie Miller; a mealy mouth, YES man with his strings pulled by Bryant & Barbour and a CMR Group who are looking out for themselves instead of preserving the environment. How sad!

  7. A comment was made about Palazzo’s family benefitting from a land deal. I wonder, since Jamie Miller worked for Palazzo during the time, and was sort of a liaison with coastal agencies such as DMR, has Miller been questioned? Scott Walker served on DMR committees, representing Wicker’s office. Was Miller on any DMR committees that made any of these land purchase decisions? How much did he know? If he knew, did he turn anything in?

    From what I’ve heard, there’s still an abuse of power going on at DMR. Walker didn’t start out as a crooked director. It seems to me that it was something that happened with the attainment of more and more power and agency funding.

  8. Don’t forget Janus was Palazzo’s chief of staff well before Miller. Palazzo has spoken about the Walkers being long-time family friends. Then Miller is appointed? The entire thing stinks to high heaven.

    1. Back in the archives of the operations files I remember seeing on multiple occasions the mentioning of Millers name pertaining to land acquisitions. More specifically, the files indicated that he may have been apart of some sort of ranking committee that ranked the properties being purchased. I have no additional in depth of information regarding this information and cannot validate the accuracy therefore I will consider it nothing more than a rumor at this time. But to your point CoastalChick, it seems like the same names keep surfacing within the same realm of issues surrounding the DMR and the political landscape.

      Speaking of issues, I couldn’t help but notice the word “grant” mentioned in Janus’ story. The mentionings of “grants”, “DMR” and “BP” have also been spoken by numerous people since the DMR investigation started. I am not sure if these mentionings amount to anything but they all seem to have one person associated with them. That one person was, and is currently employed at the DMR and was known to have quite a stronghold over the grant writing world. Almost to the point that is was not possible to penetrate and was very secretive in nature about the process. That one person was employed and had tight initial ties under Shumate and it was rumored that she had close dealings with Walker. I cannot validate these claims at this time so I will consider them rumors. However, it seems it would be worth looking into in my point of view. More especially since Millers name had also bee associated with this person in the grant world.

  9. We have one consolation though with the 4th District Congressman Election! Palazzo’s hometown and county DID NOT support him. Neither did Jackson, Hancock or Stone Counties. So like the late President Johnson, most people in his district hated him. They knew him just like we know Palazzo. I pray south MS has no devastating hurricane since we will not be able to count on any federal aid; thanks to Palazzo.

  10. And Kingfish and Jackson Jambalaya, and cottonmouth blog, and Y’all Politics, Magnolia Report, and the Clarion Ledger……. Will not cover his story. WHY? Come on James Hendrix? Are you protecting somebody? Between the AG and Auditor being held in contempt, you would think somebody would give it coverage beyond the Sun Herald.. Very interesting. If a wanna-be Jackson mayoral candidate breaks wind you guys throw out the red carpet. But you mysteriously are silent on Coast Issues

    1. The C-L does have a story up today on this. Speaking only for myself, I have a hard enough time covering what is happening down here let alone the rest of the state.

  11. Janus claims that what was accomplished was stopping a project that was going to benefit millions of visitors and school kids. Is he that naïve or just stupid? We know who would have profited and it would not have been visitors and school kids. Solangi and Ms. Walker would have laughed all the way to the bank if that ‘Dolphin Prison’ had been built.

    These people do not get it; they think it is their rights to steal from the public. I am still angry that so many others are getting away with the same things Walker and Janus did but maybe to a lesser degree money wise. Elected officials McKay, Miller, Wiggins and I am sure there are probably others who received free trips and top of the line eats on DMR’s free service for their friends, relatives and crony politicians all should be made accountable for their misdeeds but with Mississippi’s corrupt system – it will not happen.

    It seems the Sun Herald is the only people up in arms and us people on SLABBED with the abuse of the system at DMR.

    1. In regards to Wiggins. Based on what I have heard: he was seen in a picture after one of these DMR boat trips and his old man received some sort of grant or funding to go out on a wild cannon chase. I believe when he jumped up and started pushing the new DMR bill a few months back it was nothing more than a smoke screen with the intent to make him look like he is one of the good guys fighting government waste. I for one, don’t trust him myself.

  12. Here’s a link I had a really hard time finding because these partners used their initials only…sort of like that “Foundation”. These are the partners in T.G. & L. LLC, the owner of the lot in OS that was purchased for $850,000 or so with CIAP money in 2010. The beachfront lot was valued at $200,000? at most and was a failed commercial project. Keep in mind that another CIAP grant went to Reynolds alone for some weird little landlocked lot, and of course we have Harris & co. walking away with their Harbor Landing loot with yet ANOTHER CIAP grant. Miller was on the committee that picked this lot? I believe it! Let’s quietly send some money the prospective congressman’s way, for the party.

    Wonder what Palazzo’s daddy did with his share of the loot in 2010? Fund a campaign maybe? Palazzo Sr. and Harris go way, way back I’m told…all the way back to a little ole land scam called “Cedar Point”.

    If that link doesn’t work, go to Delbert’s website and plug in the corporation’s name in the search line.
    They were all in it together and that’s a lot of jack, Jack.

    1. I wanted to make sure you all saw this post: “Yes, this is the same Tom Reynolds Sr. Of course what is shown is the entity that involved him, Frank Palazzo and David Harris. The LLC was canceled after a legal fight over how to divide the DMR money between the LLC members which was resolved before going to court. The word is that Palazzo got over $250,000. from the sale to DMR of 323 Front Beach as his part.”

      Also there are others involved in the CONprofit. What about the guy who lived next to Baby Walker? Joe Cloyd? What about Robert Byrd and his son, Colin Byrd? What about Zeigler’s brother-in-law Billy the Boy Hewes? Since he was pulling the strings and laying out the plans for Walker to transfer that hatchery to Walker, how does he tie in? He was the Senate Pro Tem under Phil Bryant and in my opinion, had to be in on some of those boat rides? John McKay had his supporters’ kids on the birthday party boat. One of them still works at the DMR and hasn’t been fired. And he is in a position of authority. Wonder how he helped Zeigler and the Walkers in this shenanigans.
      Thanks goes to the Judge who stood strong and sentenced the first two trough suckers. Hope he can stay with it throughout the entire investigation. We thank you, Sir!

        1. I forgot to mention that a friend of mine who is involved in the real estate appraisal industry told me that the price paid for this low lying (elevation of 6′ +or- above sea level) property is as much as property on the beach in Gulfshores or Orange Beach,Al.. After Katrina with new elevation requirements/construction standards in place this property became unmarketable for any development. Value is set by comparable sales and demand creates these sales. Zero value to everyone accept Bill Walker. Makes you wonder why.

      1. The property @ 323 Front Beach,Ocean Springs previously owned by this gang is in a V zone flood plain and is basically a natural drain. The way the scheme worked was first they got approvals to build a condo development that nobody wanted. Then they went down and drove some fake pilings that had nothing to do with a real construction project. This got people calling the city in opposition to the project. That is how they set the stage to allow Walker to buy it from his friends for the good of the community at the inflated price. All in a days work for a criminal enterprise. Disguise it as good for the people and fools will follow. Now we will have a $2mil. dog park when it is all said and done and the sellers will have been bailed out of a bad business deal.

  13. I just read the Sun Herald article about Walker’s and Janus’ letters of support. Do they expect people to feel sorry for them? That’s too bad that Bill was embarrassed by the media coverage and his health declined, and all of this is such a poor reflection on Janus’ deceased parents. Maybe they both should have thought about that before they started stealing money and dragging innocent people down with them. Don’t they realized how many lives they have destroyed? And let’s not forget that Tina Shumate still maintains her innocence. I can’t wait to hear what delusional things she has to say about her fate. I really don’t see how these people can be so self-absorbed and selfish. I know innocent people who have personally suffered because of the wrong-doings of the Walkers and Shumate, and their parents are alive to see their children’s careers destroyed at the hands of the corrupt political regime that bred the Walkers, Tina Shumate, Michael Janus and Joe Ziegler. I hope we see some civil suits in the future. Justice has not been served for those who felt like there was no way out other than suicide and those who watched their livelihoods go down the toilet because of these narcissistic, soulless crooks.

  14. Okay Legislators – You are being called out!!! IT’s time for some of you to quit being ninnies and step forward and get involved in this mess. Clean house down at the DMR – starting on the top floor before they waste anymore Taxpayers’ dollars on renovating offices. The Coastal delegation needs to step forward and fix this mess or we will remember you when election time comes. Stop harboring the crooks! IT is your responsibility FIRST to the people of this State!!! Get off of your rumps. Do what you were elected to do – the RIGHT THING!!! Make amends to those tromped on by the Walker Clan!!! Earn your pay! The Representative and Senate Committees assigned to the DMR need to fix this mess. If you don’t do something, you will be labeled enablers for looking the other way.

    1. MM,

      Ahh yes, I have received information recently about the office renovation project on the sixth floor. Based on what I heard, The General has a new waiting room and some doors were moved to alternate locations. If true, I could not see why a waiting room would be constructed for The General and doors being moved sounds like some people are getting a little paranoid about who may come up to that area.

  15. Mr. Mitchell, You have a great comment!

    BUT our Legislators know what is going on and none of them have the balls to fix a flat on their car; much less DMR. Wiggins is a blow hard that is looking to make a name for himself claiming he is working to get DMR on the right track and all the while supporting Jamie Miller and all the incompetent, high-dollar people he has hired. Call him! He will have an answer for every item you mark off your list but so like any career politician, you will not like his remarks. He will not buck the system; protecting his cronies and other politicians.

    DMR is another reason Mississippi is ranked the ‘Most Corrupt State in the Nation’.

  16. It has come to my attention that maybe a lot of people are slipping through the FEDS’ net. I wonder if they are aware that checks from the CONprofit organization were made out to political candidates such as Mr. Palazzo, and other political candidates, and signed by none other than Mr. Bill and co-signed by Joe Zeigler, or Corky Perret , and that these checks need to be looked at? And yes, this is the same Corky Perret that wrote a letter to Judge Starret for leinency for Bill Walker (some nerve, huh?) Thought you’d like that! I wonder if they know that Dr. Deegan, the previous Deputy Director, was pushed aside so that Corky Perret could “steal” his position and aid and abet Mr. Walker and friends CONprofit organization? The picture was like this: Billy the Kid Walker at the top; then on either side he had his trusty rusty “aides” named Joe Zeigler and Corky Perret. Then, when Walker needed trumped up Hiring/Firing help, he just whistled to Dorothy Daniels in HR, (or now, Christy Royal), and they all did his bidding with no questions asked. He hired and fired at will and always had three people who would lie, deny, and swear to it. It worked pretty good – for a while.
    Corky Perret’s wife drew a large check from the DMR for quite a while for ?support?? And even after Perret retired, he still drew a $60K check yearly from the DMR for “consulting”! Check the records and see for yourself. Joe Zeigler’s wife drew a $50K check for 6 months from the BP for “research”. She got a new computer and had an office hidden from sight up in Jan Boyd’s Coastal office where she came and went as she pleased. BP was wined and dined by the agency.
    It is my opinion that too many people are just slipping through the net. They all need to be punished and made examples of. There is nothing worse than betrayal of those that elect and feed you. An example needs to be set so this type of crookedness will stop! The evidence is there….look for it and make them all pay for their crimes. We have the Judge in place to do the job now….just bring them in to him Mr. Fed!!!

    1. Charlene Silkwooder mowin’ em’ down like John Rambo equipped with an M-60 and explosive tipped arrows.

      I have been thinking about this whole situation for awhile and what could have happened if certain political races worked out differently and the DMR was never investigated.

      Bill Walker–Continues to sit at the front desk at the DMR having heavy influence over all other marine associations and programs (CIAP, GOMA, Heritage and so on….)

      Scott Walker–Wins the Mayors seat in Ocean Springs and officially teams up with McKay–THE CITY OF OCEAN SPRINGS IS LOCKED AND UNDER CONTROL.

      Michael Janus and Rusty Quave are in position in D’Iberville–THE CITY OF D’IBERVILLE IS LOCKED AND UNDER CONTROL. (But Janus was pimped out 😉 )

      Upper Supporting Staff: Tina Shumate continues to use her and her family’s political connections on a Federal level. Joe Ziegler continues as Chief of Staff and utilizes his deep connections within the regime on a State level.

      Other Supporting Staff: Samatha Herbert and Trinity Walker continue to climb the ladder within the DMR and act as the eyes and ears within the Bolton Building.

      Political Support: Steven Palazzo and any other Radical Republican Regime member willing to lend a hand.

  17. Come out, come out, where ever you are!!!! How are you feeling Mr. Zuber? Mr. Mayor of Gulfport?? Mr. Byrd and son? Mr. Harris? Mr. McKay? Mr. Cloyd? Mr. Pickering? Let’s Go Walking Fata$$?? Are you boys sleeping at night???? How’s your blood pressure? What about Mr. Moby? and Ms Sharon? How about it Sue Barnes?? The eys of Mississippi and Washington are upon you!!!

    1. CS, They do not care who watches or who knows as long as they get their piece of action that allows for them to pay the monthly note on the MILLION DOLLAR MANSIONS like the side by sides on East Beach over in Ocean Springs. Although Scott Walker will be forced out by the circumstances all of us common folks need to ride that 431-435 East Beach area anytime we can and give a few honks on the horn to let others know we are still watching, waiting and hoping more will come to the surface about those that make their living by taking from the hard working taxpayers. We should not and can not stop with just the Walker gang.

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