Not even the Scientologists can help now….

No siree folks because there is blood in the water and more sharks are circling “St Slammany” D.A. Walter Reed:

St. Tammany DA Reed got break on property taxes ~ Sara Pagones and Katie Moore

Of course he did. And as a bonus we get to recycle former St Tammany Tax Assessor Patricia Schwarz Core. Core’s name bring back memories for me including a couple of very salacious stories that I absolutely believe due to the nature of the sourcing. Then again she is yesterday’s out of touch politician so I won’t share the memories.

Back to Reed, these latest revelations come on the heels of a topic I did not have time to tackle here on Slabbed last week:

FBI agents visit Tammany DA Walter Reed’s office ~ Faimon Roberts and Sara Pagones

But it gets even better.

Finally, on this story I’m very content to remain in the peanut gallery. That said when there are media feeding frenzies inevitably false prophets and charlatans surface looking for an angle. If I were a player in reporting this story, I’d be very wary as charlatans and false prophets are absolutely lurking about.

One thought on “Not even the Scientologists can help now….”

  1. I’d be willing to bet that the already reported property tax scams/ political deals/campaign funds abuse/moonlighting of Greedy Reedy represent only an exposed tip of the iceberg of the soul-burning, illegal things this highly imaginative DA is possibly into in Satanic Tammany Parish.

    Reed’s ex-fiancee, Claire Bradley, only knows the few obvious things he talked to her about for the ten years they dated ,but it should not “Strain” the intelligence of G men of the other possible clandestine conspiratorial deals that have existed/are existing with and between other imaginative, elected Satanic Tammany elected officials, including the Bible Belt, Holy Roller impersonating Judges of the 22nd JDC ( i.e. Judicial Demonic Court).

    Only after the Good Ole Boys Satanic Club is outlined and defined on a posting picture board in the FBI’s office with connecting lines drawn, will the intertwining demonic forces be fully exposed to the light of day and the beloved ozone fragrance return to da’ Northshore.

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