Why Thad is on the verge of being retired

I remember as a college student back in the 80s having to attend an honors forum at USM where the featured speaker was Strom Thurmond. Man o man was that old geezer senile and yet there he was, still a US senator. The times are changing and the following from The Atlantic yesterday is devastating to Thad Cochran:

I followed Cochran from the square to a local diner, Jean’s Restaurant, where patrons swiveled away from plastic plates of boiled okra and corn fritters to shake his hand. On the wall were two framed photographs of Chris McDaniel. The restaurant’s owner, Diane Trammell, told me McDaniel had visited twice and stayed for an hour each time. “I don’t recall the last time I seen Thad,” she said. She’d always voted for Cochran in the past, but now she wasn’t sure.

Cochran didn’t pose for any pictures during his brief sweep. As he made his way toward the exit, the senator held out his hand to me. I had met and interviewed him less than half an hour before.

“Hello, how are you doing?” he said with a kindly smile. “I’m Thad Cochran.”

I can’t see a Cochran path to victory in the upcoming June 24, 2014 runoff.

Stay tuned.