Letter to the Editor: Bay St. Louis Sinking Financially

Mayor Fillingame of Bay St. Louis can not get a free pass on the city’s current financial crisis. Before the last election several citizens had determined that the city was going down a financial path of going broke. Mayor Fillingame did nothing but deny, deny and deny our findings. And at every turn in the downward spiral of the city’s finances he gave excuses. He proclaimed all would be fine in two months, three months, next month,, tomorrow. Then City Council would capitulate and let him keep doing the same things again and again depleting all of our reserves.

The Administration is still in a state of denial believing that they can borrow their way to prosperity. All they are doing is kicking the can and financial crisis down the road. The Independent Auditors Draft report presented to City Council on May 6, 2014 is page after page confirming what we concerned citizens have been telling City Council for months about mismanagement and deception by the incumbent administration.

Until we have at least four council members who are strong enough to stand up for and take charge of this city, the present administration with denial, delay tactics and deception will continue to lead the city into a collision course with reality.

This Administration has champagne taste but the city of Bay St. Louis can only support a beer budget.

Ron Thorp
Bay St Louis