My brother Darryl tries leading my other brother Darryl down the primrose path: A Going Concern Update

Last Thursday evening the Bay St Louis City Council held a recessed meeting that was devoted almost entirely to the troubled state of the City’s finances. Audit report excerpts were read, sweeping proclamations regarding accountants being meek were declared and into nonsalient side subjects was the discussion frequently steered. And yet through it all the public still managed to learn a few things.  I thought Geoff Belcher did a great job with his recap of the meeting for the Seacoast Echo so it is there we start:

Kolf said one of the reasons the city’s mandated audit is being held up is because the auditor is concerned that the utility rates aren’t high enough to pay everything and are a “going concern.”

If the city fails to raise rates, he said, that could make the bank trustees in charge of the bond nervous and they could legally require the city to pay the funds back immediately.

Falgout countered that the auditor is concerned about far more than the city’s utility budget.

So we getting this folks, we have the City Clerk blaming the Going Concern opinion on just the Utility Fund while the Auditor’s are telling the City Council they are concerned with the entirety of the City’s dismal financial situation. Kolf used that misconception in an attempt to strong arm the City Council into adopting the Mayor’s Utility rate hike, a proposal that according to Councilman Joey Boudin the council saw for the first time just before the start of the recessed meeting.

But there is more because the finger wagging from Clerk Kolf and City Attorney Rafferty was just beginning:

City attorney Donald Rafferty told the council he felt the proper thing to do would be to announce to the bank trustees that the city likely not be able to make the first payment on the refinanced bond.

This is too rich folks it really is and one has to wonder who Mr Rafferty’s client is at this point.  You see folks it would be one thing if this was just a simple case of the pot trying to give the bums rush to the kettle but the level of dishonesty in the “advice” that was being dispensed last week to the council was simply stunning. The scare tactics worked too: Continue reading “My brother Darryl tries leading my other brother Darryl down the primrose path: A Going Concern Update”

Walter, it appears you are in some very deep doo-doo my man……..

I think this will be one of those rare federal prosecutions which snag multiple family members.

Theft investigation raises questions about St. Tammany DA’s Office ~ Sara Pagones and Gordon Russell

St. Tammany Parish Hospital dealings with Reed family call for investigation: Editorial ~ NOLA.Com Editorial Board

Something tells me the lynch mob that will accompany what is coming will be unusually interested in seeing DA Reed squirm.

INYBUAR: Never a dull moment

In the past week we’ve had a U.S. Senate runoff primary election that saw the incumbent/underdog come from behind and win based upon expanding the electorate beyond traditional GOP support bases. Then of course, of all the crazy, zany things that accompanied the election such as discussion of Thad’s boss-tenant relationship with senior staffer Kay Weber along Constitutional Clayton sneaking into Rose Cochran’s nursing home room and snapping a few photos, one Clayton’s alleged co-conspirators, GOP stalwart Mark Mayfield puts a bullet in his own head, evidently unable to deal with the pressure of being charged as Clayton’s co-conspirator.  At this point it is worth noting it is not clear what, if any law Clayton, a now notorious dipshit, broke in taking Rose Cochran’s pic.  Here is what I think is the best piece on the Mayfield suicide:

Mayfield’s death ‘puts an exclamation point’ on election ~ Sam Hall

Of course over the weekend we get a bonus DUI:

Hinds County GOP chairman Pete Perry arrested for DUI ~ Sam Hall

Pete Perry!??!  Pete Perry???! And slowly I turned,,,,,

Republican Pete Perry Examines DEMOCRATIC Primary In HANCOCK County? ~ Cottonmouth Continue reading “INYBUAR: Never a dull moment”

Slabbed updates the Trout Point Lodge / Randall Cajun lawsuit against Jones Walker

But first some lovely music from our friends in Spain:

The allegations of fraud are priceless folks. Business must be bad for the gang at the Lodge because the Civil District Cost Docket indicates the court fees were short paid. Of course, in Randall Cajun’s fantasy world Slabbed’s precedent setting SPEECH Act victory over these SLAPP Happy nuts occurred in New Orleans instead of Gulfport. They also conveniently ignore the fact their Nova Scotia lawsuits were so poorly plead the court concluded they could never win a default here in the US with such deficient, infantile pleadings. The judicial beatdown frankly could not have been worse for them but that is their own fault. As for Slabbed, we remain the champs. Click the pic to score 33 pages of typical Goatherder Jackassery: Continue reading “Slabbed updates the Trout Point Lodge / Randall Cajun lawsuit against Jones Walker”

Proposed Bay St. Louis utility rate hike fails

Last night, the $9/month water and sewer rate increase proposed by Mayor Les Fillingame failed to gain the support of four of the City Councilmen. Councilmen Doug Seal, Lonnie Falgout, Mike Favre and Joey Boudin all voted no on the Mayor’s proposal.

City Clerk David Kolf addressed the outstanding FY 2013 audit, specifically the proposed going concern opinion on the City’s FY 2013 Financial Statements, which Kolf blamed solely on the Utility Fund as he attempted to use the proposed going concern opinion to justify the Mayor’s rate hike. Kolf was countered by Councilman Falgout, who indicated the Auditors’ proposed opinion, per his discussion that day with Auditor Jennifer Bell, was derived from the overall poor financial condition of the City.

Falgout, explaining his no vote on the rate hike, wants to undertake a comprehensive review of the City’s finances as he indicated the latest financial reports show that several revenue sources in the City’s general fund, including sales tax collections, continue to decline year over year.

Public input on the issue of the Utility rate hike was mixed.  In a particularly colorful symbolic display, local Realtor Avra O’Dwyer scolded the Council Continue reading “Proposed Bay St. Louis utility rate hike fails”

Jim Brown: A House Divided – In America and Iraq

June 19th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Iraq is imploding as Republicans and Democrats alike are scratching their heads as to what went wrong. Meanwhile, party gridlock in Washington has brought any sense of responsible governing to a standstill. The President faces what may well turn out to be his single biggest crisis during his time in office, and he spent most of last week vacationing on California golf courses. Are we observing a freak show or what?

In the nation’s history, there has always been the loyal opposition by the political party out of power that served as a check and balance — a good thing. But there was still a sense on the part of both parties that some cooperation was needed to make progress and move the county forward. We saw such cooperation across party lines under Reagan in the 80s and Clinton in the 90s.

Then came 9/11, and after a short-lived euphoria of rallying the nation together, both parties saw an opportunity for political gain. Gridlock seeped in, and during the past ten years cooperative effort between the Republicans and Democrats has been non-existent. Over 90% of the members of congress profess to be Christians. Yet those we elected to lead have given little credence to the words of Jesus in Mathew 12:25. “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

The same non-negotiable division exists in Iraq today under the impotent leadership of President Nuri Maliki and his U.S.-installed Shia regime. The loyal and vicious opposition are the Sunnis, and the two religious factions have been at each other’s throats for 1400 years. Maliki failed miserably to bring in his opposition as part of a new Iraqi government, and the U.S. only gave lip service to a joint governing effort. Now it’s open warfare and any chance of peace seems out of the question.

You and I have been have been conned. That’s right — we’ve been lied to, deceived, hoodwinked and misinformed. We were told by Bush, Cheney and company that Iraq needed to be invaded because they had weapons of mass destruction that put our country at great risk. And then it turns out that there were no WMDs. None! Continue Reading……..

That free advice I gave St. Slammany D.A. Walter Reed is looking better and better……

Too bad he didn’t take it because with the FBI crawling around all over St Tammany Parish I don’t think there are any Harry Morel type deals available any longer.

Hospital officials created position for DA Walter Reed’s brother, emails show ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

I think we’ll head on down to KFC today for lunch…..

You gotta give the folks over at Yum! Brands a lot of credit for how they dealt with what we now understand is a hoax. Anyone down here missing Michael Newsom? He’s still out there:

First the Laurel Leader Call made the call:

Kentucky Fried Hoax ~ Sean Murphy

Then Kingfish made it official.

Update on KFC

What a tragedy for this little girl. Anyone that understands the grinding poverty understands three year old Victoria doesn’t have much of a chance, especially when the people that should be the family role models are revealed as ignorant trash.

Scooby Doo to the rescue!

Just when you think someone has Boss Hogg on the ropes, he goes all biblical and whips out an old school trick from his Gris-gris bag. Turns out black Democrats still matter in Mississippi as Scooby Doo and political operatives like him got some paying work rustling up eligible black voters to participate in the GOP primary runoff. That act of engagement was the difference maker for Cochran.  It has also infuriated half the GOP electorate.

Here is a three pack of worthy links, first up the straight news account:

Cochran Wins Mississippi Runoff, Edges TEA Partyer ~ AP

And now a couple from some of those that are infuriated starting with our friend Scott over at The Hayride:

Cochran Won In Mississippi ~ Scott McKay

Scott goes biblical himself quoting Mark. Don’t let the understated headline fool you folks as Scott has a must read up. Next up are the folks over at Red State:

The Marionettes Remain Uncut ~ Erick Erickson

Erickson has a very interesting take on the politics at play: Continue reading “Scooby Doo to the rescue!”