Ummm, just take a victory lap, you deserve it

Most of the time there is a story behind the story you see on the Tee Vee News or read in the newspaper (IE the backstory) and that is the case with the following from Hammerman:

Appeals Court denies BP’s effort to keep claims payments stopped ~ Hammerman

I think I see a nugget in David’s story that tells me he is signaling his knowledge or at least is on the right track.  I like that.

The person responsible for the above reads this site, sometimes even sharing some insight. I have not covered the BP settlement litigation beyond the very early days.  Luckily for everyone, Jason over at American Zombie has tackled this immensely complex subject and has done a very fine job with it, better than the New York Times and certainly far better than the gasbags at 60 minutes. Here are two very recent must reads from AZ:

DHECC – Lionel Sutton Interview Part 1 – Corps Constructors

DHECC – Lionel Sutton Interview Part 2 – how the “go-to guy” became the fall guy

If State Farm is the true pinnacle of hard nosed corporate litigants then BP does not stand a chance here with the peanut gallery alone. You gotta love the PSC for being wise enough to see the genius in an idea from a member of the public that happens understands Federal Court Practice like few others. Now take that lap.

4 thoughts on “Ummm, just take a victory lap, you deserve it”

  1. While the duffers in the MSM play “customer golf” and ask how many mulligans they are entitled to Dambala has been scoring Double Eagles and Aces.

  2. I was sad to see the Ole Miss Bears chew the Raggin’ Cajun pitching up in the late innings but after 42 years congratulations to the Bears as they earned their right to be in the 2014 World Series.

    The last time the Bears were in the World Series Johnny Reb was their mascot and there were lots of Rebel flags. With Ole Miss front and center in the national media will the announcers call them Bears or Rebels which the local SunHerald still calls them ?

    With Obama stirrin’ the race pot before the Congressional elections its best Johnny stay in the closet with his Rebel flag and some hungry Bears go to Omaha and eat some Frog legs and good ole Texas Longhorn beef and WIN ONE for da’ Ole Diz !

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