In other news, South Mississippi’s fluffer Congressman comes out of hiding

And folks he takes credit for fixing the disaster he created in Biggert Waters. The jackassery simply does not get any better IMHO:

Palazzo touts accomplishments, fight for flood insurance, against Obamacare~ Paul Hampton

Moving right along I smell “Big Dawg” and from the smell of ’em I think he has been cavorting with skunks:

Political play could block Zurich Classic from moving to new City Park golf course ~ Jeff Duncan

Nothing against Dunc as he is a decent enough sports writer but this story should have gone to someone else at NOLA. Just sayin’. Speaking of crack, seasoned journalists:

New details emerge in Jaren Lockhart’s murder and dismemberment case ~ Paul Purpura

I’m personally very leery of jailhouse confessions. Now from the bad days just got worse for Ray Ray the former Chocolatier:

Federal judge orders Ray Nagin to forfeit $501,201 ~ Gordon Russell

Finally, speaking of Gordon:

Reporters, FBI agents to face questions Wednesday at Telly Hankton hearing ~ Manuel Torres

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  1. Is one of Stephen Palazzo’s accomplishments helping Michael Janus, his ex Chief of Staff who was indicted and plead guilty to stealing money from D’Iberville, a city in Palazzo’s own district? Has he talked with anyone on behalf of his father, Frank Palazzo, who had part ownership in a parcel of land purchased by the DMR at an inflated price for no public benefit ? When will someone ask him some hard questions. The exaggeration he tells about “storming the barricades at the WWII Museum” was a planned photo-op. Being for Biggert-Waters before he was against it is also a joke. He is not worthy of be sent back to Washington on behalf of the good people of South Mississippi.

    1. And guess who else worked for Palazzo? Our current and heavily politically connected director of the DMR–Jamie Miller. Word has been passed over the last few months regarding the working environment health at the DMR. From what I have been told, it is just about completely down the gutter. Based on my sources, additional firings and people walking off the job. Yes, people walking away from the security of a state government job. Piss poor, and inexperienced leadership at its finest.

  2. In reference to Miller, all the while Senator Wiggins has gone to bat for the imbecile. When Miller worked at DMR, he was a lowly clerk. Check the records. But of course, Bryant, Barbour and other crony politicians have claimed he was a big wheel.

    As far as Palazzo, he is a complete idiot but a smart, savvy politician. Yep, most of the time pictures do not lie and him storming the WWII Museum did not happen; his crony patsy’s did the opening of the gates. This was just another photo opt for another blow-hard politician.

    I just hope and pray people will wake up and replace the idiot; if not we are just again royally screwed!

  3. Doug,

    In my opinion I think it is a gift to Big Dog that the story drew a sports writer. This helps him because some of the folks who work the JP Political or Capitol beat might have thrown in a query as to the nuanced ring Mr. A has drawn around his territory in this sleepy corner of Jefferson Parish. And while the good Senator didn’t imeediately rush to claiming this ammendment, it is now evident that his agenda, which includes the raiding of funds from a state fund prescribed for Mental Health patients by a Senate Committee, clearly started on Sunday when no one was paying attention (because it was the day before Memorial Day)…..

    “In what can best be described as the Senate Finance Committee losing its collective mind, all but one of the members voted, on Sunday, to take money from the developmentally disabled statewide to fund a private auto race track in Jefferson Parish.

    Senator Dan Claitor said it all: “We’re taking money away from the disabled community and giving it to motor sports?” The Advocate, May 25, 2014

    In an arrogant, condescending, response usually reserved for us citizens committee chair Jack Donahue said: “The answer to your question, Sen. Claitor, is ‘yes.’ Alright, any other questions?” Ibid.

    The lege process has often been compared to a sausage factory where the process is ugly, but the product is tasty. In this case, the process is butt-ugly and the product is inedible.

    The Senate Finance Committee has become a looney bin. Nuff said!

    C.B. (Forgotston)”

    Big Dog’s paw prints are everywhere and the words in the story describe this “phantom” ammendment conveniently tip toe around the real point, John Alario wants to protect his beloved Westbank. It’s stupid, short sighted and cowardly. The PGA will in time want what they want and nothing John Alario with his friend’s intrested in developing areas adjacent to these assets that he’s seeking to “protect” will change that. He needs to face that music. Who else but the famed Big Dog would have the audacity to add an ammendment to the budget bill which requires (in part) the approval of the Jefferson Parish Council as a future predicator for funding earmarked for New Orleans City Park. No one in the current legislature has a set that big to essentially say “Id’ rather lose this event than have it continue or succeed elsewhere!” No one other than the Big Dog. 

    Doug, this topic deserves it’s own post & would be a great effort for your followers at the Lens or Jason @ American Zombie to get behind, but more importantly why is this going unchallenged in official circles? Some questions are where are the Concerned Citizens of Jefferson? I want to know where is GNO Inc? Where are the NOLA state Senators? And where are the voices of the people impacted at City Park, why are they eating it? Where are you New Orleans City Council District A Councilmember Susan Guidry? Is Nick Lorouso even a member of the legislature anymore? I know he’s opened an office in Jefferson, but I understand voters on both sides of the 17th St canal might not be able to pick this napping sloth of a lawmaker out of a line up! Where are is the Governor & other Republican leaders voices in the effort against this very un-Republican ammendment?

    If for no other reason, why is he compelling us to believe that it’s legal for Chris Roberts & Elton Lagasse to decide what happens at NOLA City Park?

  4. From a new AP election article: “Palazzo said “no one” foresaw how FEMA would administer the proposed changes. “Congress’ intent was for them to do an affordability study,” he said.”

    He obviously did not read the bill or the Congressional Budget Office report on the bill or talk to anyone who knew anything about the bill before he voted. This is what CBO said about the Biggert-Waters bill in June 2011, months before the final vote:

    “Based on housing data and current policy information obtained from FEMA, about 355,000 policies would initially be subject to such premium increases under the bill, CBO estimates. Those policyholders currently pay an average premium of about $1,174 per year. Once subsidies are completely phased out, we expect that annual premiums for those policies would be, on average, about 2¼ times greater than premium that would otherwise be charged under current law.”

    The CBO report is prepared to inform Congress about the implications of a bill, so there is no excuse for Palazzo not knowing that the bill would jack up premiums on the Gulf Coast. Plus, that is just an unbelievable level of ignorance for a Member of Congress to suggest that the law only asked for a study and FEMA raised premiums on its own.

  5. Reading today’s Sun Herald, Palazzo did not vote in the latest round of House of Representative issues. I guess he thought it was not important. I’m sure the idiot has an answer of why he was not present to cast his vote.

    1. Perhaps Palazzo the Younger has been engaged with “Affaires d’DMR“ and attempting to contain the smelly leakage wrt Palazzo the Elder and certain other CIAP land purchases?

      1. RFP

        That is an outstanding point regarding land purchases. The purchases have made the headlines for the past year and it seems that the only concern to date is the Walker deal. Even though the OIG report outlined numerous conflicts of interests. A big one being Mother Hebert serving as a commissioner over a program her own daughter ran while employed at a government agency–and her land was purchased.

        What I have seen so far from the investigation is nothing more than crap and I will not be personally satisfied as a tax payer until a full investigation is really put forth. To include:

        –Investigating all conflicts of interest
        –Any relatives of politicians who aquired benefits from any program
        –all grants and subgrants that were written within the last 10 years
        –Anything involving DMR ties to BP

  6. To Eye-Spy and other readers of SLABBED,

    I agree 100% with your analysis but it will not happen. It appears there are too many big-wigs involved in this DMR corruption scheme and someone has pulled the plug on the investigation. Review all the names of those involved and no indictments so far; something smells to high heaven!

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