If you’re a US citizen and not concerned yet………

Then the next question that would come to mind is whether or not there is a pulse.  What good does is there in having a Constitution if the powers that be repeatedly ignore it?

United States of Secrets Part Two: Privacy Lost ~ Frontline

As I watched, certain memories of days moderating Slabbed gone by washed over me. Ignatius certainly has a clue but the implications raised by the Frontline series lead to some places that I still do not feel comfortable writing about despite the fact I have no national security exposures that I am aware.  I will say that sometime in  early 2012 I came to a conclusion that I time stamped with song, as is my wont.

Be careful out there for Obama is as bad as George Bush when it comes to disregard of our basic civil liberties and worse when it comes to crushing whistle blowers.