Jim Brown: Jindal and Obama – Two Peas in a Pod

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


A week doesn’t go by without Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal taking a potshot at President Obama. The Prez has kept a tight lip and publicly ignores Jindal, but it’s obvious from press reports that there is no love lost between them. Despite the animosity, Bobby Jindal and President Obama have a lot in common.

First, both of them are cold fish when it comes to retail politics. Jindal and Obama don’t seem to enjoy pressing the flesh or networking with their political colleagues. Where Bill Clinton and George Bush were heavily engaged in calling and meeting with members of congress from both parties, Obama has been aloof and has failed to build personal relationships in Washington. Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell waited two years before he was even invited to a one on one meeting at the White House with Obama.

Jindal has been a no show at legislative gatherings for years. Outside of his annual address opening the legislative session, legislators complain that he is, for all practical purposes, missing in action. Since the legislature in Louisiana convened two months ago, Jindal, in his quixotic quest for national office, has traveled to Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, Dallas, Washington, Nashville, Lynchburg, Mobile, Atlanta, and New Hampshire. Yet he rarely travels the one block from the governor’s mansion to the state capitol.

Two of the loneliest spots in the nation on the weekend are the White House and the Louisiana governor’s mansion. Past presidents used to relish hosting state dinners and bringing in musicians and other noted Americans to honor their service. Not this president. The Obamas have hosted just six state dinners, where Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush threw more than 20, and Ronald Reagan hosted 35. Continue Reading…………….

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