From the reader mailbag: What is Slabbed.Org?

Actually, it from a newbie Google search string from here on the Coast  rather than actual reader mail. I can answer that question, well kinda anyway.

First off Slabbed.Org occasionally reports a story and in the process becomes your worst nightmare. (you guys know who you are) That said my purpose is to accurately tell whatever public interest news story I happen to cover in a never sending search for the truth where ever it may lead. The key here is never being afraid of where the truth leads you.

A couple of other posts that help explain this place:

As for me, I’m just the guy that gets copied on emails like the one Mr. Ward just sent the Mayor and entire City Council here in Bay St Louis that took ’em to the woodshed.  Most of the time, the people that contact me are desperate and need some sort of miracle.  Once in a while Slabbed can actually help out.

And of course none this counts funnin’ with the strange such as a supposedly anonymous race car driving lawyer tied up with a Tranny, lusty lawyers gone wild and even wilder or the occasional local college Coed that decides to dabble in porn thinking no one would find out.

This is the short answer. I’m not sure there is enough space here for the long one.  Just know you came to the right place. Thank you.