Analysis: Candidates set for November Mississippi judicial elections (Corrected)

Normally sitting judges do not attract opponents as members of the local bar typically refrain from crossing sitting judges. The recent municipal elections in New Orleans underscores that basic fact. Here in Mississippi that is not the case however:

Fields for November judicial races are set ~ Sun Herald

Luckily for everyone I was given the back story on two races. First up is this:

In Circuit Court District 2, which includes Harrison, Hancock and Stone counties, three additional candidates have qualified to run for the judgeship that John C. Gargiulo holds. They are Robert Fant Walker, Chris Schmidt and Myles Sharp.

This was the biggest head scratcher for me but Phillip Thomas at Mississippi Litigation review solved this mystery last month:

Word on the street in Gulfport back at Mardi Gras identified Judge Garguilo as slated to become the new federal court magistrate in Gulfport.

Next up is the Chancery Court race over Jackson County way per the Sun Herald article linked above:

In Chancery Court District 16, which includes Jackson, George and Greene counties, the judgeships held by D. Neil Harris and G. Charles “Chuck” Bordis have additional candidates.

Pascagoula City Judge Michael Fondren and Pascagoula attorney Gary Roberts have qualified to run for the seat Bordis holds….

So the back story goes Judge Fondren’s wife April was Judge Bordis’ court reporter. Judge Bordis and April….., well ahemmm:

And then the lawsuits began to fly. Docket sheets from Jackson County obtained by Slabbed indicate that on December 20, 2013 Judge Fondren filed a lawsuit against Brodis with Alienation of Affection as the tort alleged.

Coincidentally, the other candidate to qualify against Judge Bordis, Gary Roberts certainly understands Judge Fondren’s pain. Sources have indicated to Slabbed that Mr. Roberts┬áBordis has since withdrawn from the race.

I think this District 16 race will be worth following.

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  1. I have a friend who is a lawyer over in Jackson County. Word of April breaking up marriages is years old. Fondren knows this from his experience with his wife before April and now has been done in by a fellow attorney/judge. Bordis has withdrawn from the race and his marriage over this court house sleep around. I bet they have a hard time finding a judge to hear this case. My lawyer friend says the power of April is not visible on the surface so must be gold down there to attract all of these miners. Bordis and April are now a couple that can be found around town trying to convince others that what they have done is normal an acceptable.

    1. Biloxi Blues , I am afraid you have the wife and the ex-wife mixed up. Ashley is his new wife, the one that has a reputation of breaking marriages up. Word is, this is her forth or firth marriage. Good luck with that, Fondren!

      1. Dear Bayou Bin,
        Not sure where this information came from, sounds like April maybe trying to defend herself. Who else would be denying all of the marital affairs she has had!!!! Especially when their spouses found out about it at the time. How odd is this, your name “Bayou Bin” is quite strange, April lived in Gautier on Bayou Bin!!!!

    2. I know Mr. Bordis definitely thinks adulterous whores are normal! He represents them every chance he gets and does everything he can to screw over the men they were cheating on. I think he does it to honor his own adulterous wife!!

  2. Ain’t that special, they both have the same POed Box that the have obviously been sharing for some time. How many people have been devastated by their lust? Power seems to breed these type of people, like Judge Bordis and they always have their groupie followers like April Fondren. I hope they enjoy the sex that they traded for any respectful reputations they may have had in the community. They should both be banned from the court system immediately.

    1. You’d be amazed how many cases were screwed. I know one where a man has failed 8 drug tests in front of this judge and not paid child support and he gave this person unsupervised visitation as well as not putting this man in contempt for not paying child support when all papers were entered in. Bordis intentionally skipped alot of contempts on this guy.

      On another note Bordis and April have been together since 2011.

  3. Seems Bordis loves drug addicts, child molesters, and adulterers. This affair went on well before he divorced his wife of nearly 20 or 20+ years. He allows men to get by with everything in his courtroom while nailing this courthouse whore.

  4. That tall curly headed woman (April, I think?) is trying to destroy her ex husband BC she obviously isn’t happy with the person she cheated on him with.
    Pulling up his campaign signs out of people’s yards, texting mutual friends between the two and crying and begging for them to not vote for this man is just insane! If you know him, you know he is a respectful person and father. For sure, she has some problems moving on…
    Her poor children have got to be completely mortified. I know she’s starting crap and sending an extremely private tape that was illegally taped to several people in the community. I’ve heard it! Who would knowingly pull that kinda mess into their children’s lives? Specially when their father is a good honest man that loves and takes care if his kids? And let’s not forget, she’s broken up NUMEROUS marriages. And, for the record, who wants a crazy, lying ass woman to be documenting ANY court case?? Dang sure don’t want her documenting mine. Just food for thought….

    1. FYI word on the street is, Chuck Bordis has convinced Gary Roberts to run against Judge Fondren, maybe assuming Fondren would back out of the election. What I have heard Bordis dropped out of the election because of his affair with “Curly Sue”. Pretty sad we have a Chancellor in the Courthouse and Courtreporter that are allowed to keep these positions, when they are hearing Divorce cases. How can this guy be allowed to JUDGE anyone, when he has been caught in the Judges chambers with “Curly Sue”. It’s very sad they have destroyed their families and children. “Curley Sue” has continued to put Judge Fondren through hell, she wanted out of the marriage the Judge didn’t want this, from what I hear. Curly Sue thinks she is above all, hate to break it to her but she is nothing but a home wrecker that has been caught with numerous married men. Not sure how true this is but Curly Sue has bought a house a street over from the Judge and his new wife. It seems to me the Judge and his new wife have moved on with their lives and the Judge seems to be very happy, why can’t this crazy home wrecker leave them alone.

  5. I just have to add my two-sense here… You are absolutely right about everything you just claimed. I’ve heard all the exact same information, word for word.
    It’s really really sad and pretty pathetic people of such “stature” stoop to the level of low life. She needs to remember, God don’t like ugly and you get back everything you dish out.

  6. Yes, you’re absolutely correct on all of this. It’s very sad that she continues to try to hurt Judge Fondren and in the process, hurt so many others. Ironically, it’s herself who she’s hurting the most. Yet she doesn’t see past her own selfishness. Tragic indeed.

  7. Way to go Judge!!!

    Back to you True Blue… Have you heard of her friend, “Holly?” Her husband is confused about life in more ways than one if you know what I mean? In other words, he’s never “there”…. Lives the high life!? She and April are in ca-hoots together. I believe trying desperately to destroy his life and family. Obviously, it didn’t work out the way she intended since he got elected. You can’t bully everybody. Sounds to me like you heard the same tape I heard… What’s that saying, “don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house?” Misery loves company!
    All you have to do is talk to anyone in the community, she’s ruined numerous marriages including the Pols, Heildelburgs, Banahan’s, Scrugg’s and the Clark’s? It’s not some kind of secret. The list goes on and on. She’s obviously been rode hard and hung up wet. Mr. Bordis should wise up and get tested one day before he considers marrying this pathological liar.
    Wonder if she would like her pilled out, alcoholic ways put out there the way she belittles the father of her children. If all of those lies she claims were true how would this judge have been elected by such a long shot? Just doesn’t add up.
    This Judge and I go back many, many years. Instead of trying to destroy her children’s father, she needs to put on her big girl panties and own up to her decisions and move on. This was her choice.
    Oh wait! Mr. Bordis no longer “wears the black robe” … he’s a “nobody”. We shall see who’s next. It defiantly isn’t him any longer.

    If no one else will stand up to her, I’ll just turn her in. What she and Holly A. have done is just wrong. I’m tired of hearing about it and gonna stand up for a long time friend. Surly, Judge Bordis doesn’t have anything to do with this nonsense…. Surly??! By the way he is pretty shady himself!!!!!!! Way to go brother, keep your head held high, you have this, Love you bother!!!!!

  8. RagN CaJuN I totally agree with everything you have said, and yes this Holly A, she has absolutely no room to talk about anyone!!!!! She needs to look at her families life and worry about it instead of trying to destroy someone else, her family life is not too perfect. She and April are two peas in a pod, just because their life is miserable what do they have to make up lies and try to destroy others to feel better about themselves, I agree they should both be turned in for this nonsense!!!!!! They both need to focus on their family and CHILDREN and leave others alone. April Fondren made her bed she needs to lie in it. Chuck Bordis is just a complete fool staying with this trashy person!!!! All she has done is lie on this poor Judge Fondren, she seems to be jealous because has moved on and the community really likes him, he seems to be honest and fair. April and Chuck has screwed their lives up with everyone, not one person believes their lies anymore!!!! She screwed her marriage up with Judge Fondren and seems that she can’t move forward, she has stalked this family from what I hear, why can’t she be happy with her own life!!!! She will always be a stuck up miserable person. She needs to get a life, her best advice would be for her to leave this Courthouse, how she could go to work like nothing ever happened when everyone knows the truth about her numerous affairs even with her boss which was Judge Bordis. They have both ruined their reputations in this community, who would want her!!!! Hopefully Bordis will wise up before it’s too late. She and Holly need to get a life and leave the Judge alone, I’m with you RagN CajuN I’m tuning them in myself, I have a copy of this legal tape and will make sure Judge Fondren gets a copy. Maybe he can file legal action on this non sense!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry for all the comments, but really tired of hearing these foolish plans April has continued!!!! We have a mutual friend that keeps me posted on all of April’s games. It’s really sick and pathetic she will not let the past move on!!!! I sure hope she is reading this, if so get a life!!!!!! Quit destroying everyone else’s, including your own children, it’s so sad when your BEST friend tells me how bad your children have been affected by your foolishness, how about sitting them down while drinking your wine and telling lies about their father and thinking of the next plan to destroy him, how about telling them about your past, it beats everyone in the community!!!!! The tape the Judge will have in the morning “that was illegally taped” sounds to me the ball will be in his COURT!!!!! How can you be such a manipulative person, your sick in my eyes, you need to seek serious medical attention. Stop this foolishness, girl it’s not looking good for you, I’m also hand deliver the tape to everyone involved, get ready “Curly Sue” God never liked ugly which your not too pretty but Karma is a Bitch!!!!!

  10. I’m so glad we have a new Judge that has been elected, we needed something new at the Courthouse. Judge Fondren will be great at this position, I feel he is very trustworthy and a very honest Judge, the two that had the position before Judge Fondren didn’t empress me with the lies they have told everyone of their employees, breaking up their homes, this was uncalled for especially for a sitting Judge that’s suppose to set a good example in this community, not to mention his Courtreporter. Their lies will soon be caught up with. I do not understand these two had to have each other but are still not married, guess it’s not fun for them anymore, or maybe he has figured April out like everyone else has. Maybe this girl will move on with her life, no one likes her at this courthouse so maybe she will seek employment elsewhere, that would be her best opinion, just can’t see how she can face everyone at the courthouse after all of her lies. She has always blamed everyone else when she caused all of this. She needs to find God in her life!!! I’ve never met such an evil vindictive person that can lie on Judge Fondren, she has put he and his family through hell since they have been together, I hope she reads this, if so move on and quit making up lies to try to make yourself look better, nothing possibly could make you better. Please find happiness, your the most misrible person I know, it’s written all over your face, you Look as if you have been sucking on prunes, no one owes you a thing and your nothing, you think your all that but sorry your nobody in my eyes, you have totally rueined your reputation in this community. Learn to leave everyone’s husbands alone, nobody wants your anerexous self, you look horrible!!!!! Hopefully Bordis will wake up before he marries you, I think he is blind to a lot of this, phys ward, trying to comitte suicide he nor his children need this, how do you have your own children!!!!!

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