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  1. I wonder what his pentecostal preacher best friends think about old walter dabbling in scientology? ….. I am wondering if the doj will play Reed and Sheriff Strain against one another. That work release scam is all kind of messed up.

    1. jr: After being named as a baby after Nobel Pulitzer physician Walter Reed,who discovered the cause of yellow fever, maybe the DOJ should offer a Scientology deal to inject Waltzing Walter with truth serum to discover the cause and cure for the Satanic Tammany Parish fever epidemic.

      And if successful rename Tammany General Hospital the Waltzing Reed Moonlightin’ Clinic in his honor.

  2. Holy “Three people can keep a secret if two are dead” Quote Batman.

    With two potential”dynomite” female witnesses dead of accidental drug overdoses, one who even wore a wire and dying one day before grandjury testimony, I’m betting the DOJ has not given up on Morel ,but that they are probing thru the St.Charles dung on different fronts and levels. The DOJ, failing to consider the validity of the above quote, blew it when they failed to put their star witnesses under U.S. Marshall protection. But you know they gotta’ be pissed off about the circumvention of their investigation.

    The quote above is Naturaly attributable to the infamous, Nawlins’ tomato salesman and master of monumental secrets, Carlos Marcello, who had a sign in his office, precisely over the exit door leaving his office, bearing those exact words.


    1. Finding out Danelle Keim died was one of those welcome to journalism moments Lockie. For the news to continually leak that the FBI is still digging is both unusual and meaningful.

      The two major local media consortiums are circling Reed like sharks about to commence a feeding frenzy.

    1. If Sheriff “Jack” indeed greeted each of the jury members and shook some of their hands as they were coming back into the courtroom as described in PARA 38; if ADA Noriea indeed erased parts of the tape of the incoming sheriff deputy’s call, only presenting the parts that supported the prosecution case and there are indeed six versions of the tape; and inlight of Judge Schwartz, a previous ADA under Reed prior to judgeship, being assigned both criminal cases and civil case of Gates, not throwing the entire prosecution case out the window for prejudiced jury influence and malicious, intentional alteration of material criminal evidence,; it appears to me that there could be some good old boy” homecooking” going on in the Gates’ case.

      I’m not saying Gates is telling the 100% truth but the prosecution team and Judge have appeared to have formed a protective running wedge around poor “Jack”, however all have appeared to have stepped out of bounds at the one yard line upon judicial kickoff.

      When Gusman’s Deputy Sheriffs screw up he and his defense attorneys put on a fair legal fight but in the end pull out their purses when in fact the allegations appear true. When things go bad and errors are made in Satanic Tammany it appears perhaps the good old boy system, composed of a circle of elected officials who never have to run against other candidates for re-election for twenty years or more, seem to all step up to help defend poor “Jack” Strain’s deputy fumbles and/or his poor $500,000 deductible negligent ballhandling.

      How about poor “Jack” and His Beanstalk friends stop ” Straining” themselves and help poor “Jack” buy a better liability policy or hire/train better deputies cause the citizens of Tammany who pay very high taxes deserve better than judicial Fairy Tales.

      1. The problem Locke is you can’t believe a word the man says as he is a habitual liar, even when under oath. These crazy ass cases he files and promotes on websites like Human Events all sound great but the lack of evidence to support what he alleges in them is stunning. The lawyers like Danny Abel are not much more than paper tigers, full of sound and fury that ultimately signify nothing.


    1. Doubtful though no doubt the gang is delighted. The problem is not that Reed does civil work as Louisiana allows it, amazingly so IMHO. When his office recused itself in favor of a related civil case is when he supposedly crossed the line.

  3. The more I learn about district attorneys (DA’s) the more I think they are nothing more than political crack heads. My limited experience with DA’s lead me to beleive they are mainly concerned with utilizing the judicial system to pressure people into pleaing regardless if the DA has a case or not. In my own mind, I think some could care less if the defendent is actually innocent as long as they get a plea to add to their bean count. And yes, they will waste tax payers money doing it.

  4. The more I sit back and think about it, the more I find it totally un-American how DA’s have been vested with rights to allow them to coerce defendants into making a false pleas in order to avoid other “mystery charges” that may not exist. Our Fore- Fathers would be rolling over in their graves.

  5. Glad to see you finally coming to the rodeo, Eye-Spy, but us practitioners of the law have been seeing that for many decades now. The Supreme Jesters have continuously granted sovereign powers which would have gladdened the hearts of any Reich/Soviet prosecutor.

    1. I have been doing a lot of reading on the Internet and you bring up a good point about how this has been going on for decades. I will openly admit I am extremely ignorant when it comes to the judicial system and how things actually work. This is primarily stemming from the fact that I am not a law breaker and have never looked at how our system really works.

      I believe that if the public really knew about what goes on and what DA’s are allowed to do there may be a public uproar. More especially when our own government can accuse any citizen of a crime with minuscule support and circumstantial situations. Then threaten the piss out of them to gain a plea to a crime they never committed.

      1. Sad to say that the sheeple in their quest for security at the expense of liberty prove out Ben Franklin’s saying every day.

  6. Anyone who doesn’t believe that’s how things work…around here, anyway, just watch two former DMR employees (Grant Larsen and Susan Perkins) plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit next week because of threats and lack of money to fight those threats. Their lives have been turned upside down for the political gain of a certain elected official who has been running this show. We are not free to fight for our innocence in this state unless you have thousands of dollars in your coffers that you probably stole from taxpayers and have been greasing the palms of elected officials for years. I hope the big fish go to the big house, but there is no justice here.

    1. That’s the good Ol’ Boy Justice program in action. Although it doesn’t surprise me when politics rule the land that something like this would occur. I have received a pile of information regarding two whore-ish women since the DMR scandle unraveled and for some strange reason they are still at large with no apparent threat. Hmmmm. Doom could be in their near future.

    1. To BE or NOT to be DA of Satanic Tammany Parish?
      Dat is da’ question Greedy Reedy asked himself in the negligent homicide case of trucker Hernandez prosecutable in Satanic Tammany.

      Oh, dat was a 2.4 MILLION dollar civil case for Reed “of counsel” so – ‘ I must re-leave myself of my elected responsibility’, so reasoned and claimed Greeedy Reedy. Especially since Greedy Reedy had only previously collected 2.6 MILLION in campaign funds


      Satanic Tammany Parish needs to re-leave itself of this big piece of **** since he treasures MONEY over DUTY. Then maybe the residents can breathe deeply again and smell the ozone scent of the pines.

  7. I have known Mr. Larsen and Ms. Perkins personally and professionally for years, and both are honest, fine people. I would be willing to bet they have been railroaded and sacrificed to save others–maybe even to save the two whorish women to whom Eye-Spy refers. In my opinion, this is a numbers game for Pickering. It’s more than likely all about the number of heads on the wall, and not about true justice. The sad thing is, these numbers will probably get him elected as Mississippi’s governor one day. Too bad snake nation has fallen apart; they could rally in front of the courthouse next week to protest the injustice being done to two of our community’s finest.

  8. Think back to Greedy’s last election v. US DA John Voltz in the mid 90’s, the poor guy had to hire bodyguards while on the campaign trail to protect himself and his family from Greedy’s goons. Meanwhile Greedy’s campaign is up north in Franklinton handing out fifths of alcohol and “I support Walter Reed” cups for FREE.

    Question: What about the family member of Greedy’s (step son?)who killed someone while operating a boat intoxicated?
    What about the campaign money used over twenty years to have “meetings” at some of the Northshores finest establishments and use the same funds to send flowers the next day?
    What about the local bar Tuggies that made a return from the dead? That opened during the same time his son was engaged and was receiving the bulk of the money for his two companies (liquid bread&Globop) in 2010, 11 & 12. Who owned that bar anyway? Steve or Greedy?
    What about Greedy’s ability to juggle the private and public sector at the same damn time for however many years?

    Things I wonder about?
    Is the entire DA office corrupt?
    Does Greedy still have a Rolodex in his office to keep track of campaign donors and people who give good favors?
    Are judges involved? Garcia, Swhartz?
    Who’s is watching the most powerful man on the Northshore? TheFBI?

    Try not to step on any rats in the streets, the dominos are about to fall.

  9. jr: A friend done took a picture of Greedy Reedy”s personalized molded barstool at Tugy’s after the infamous DA left to check his campaign deposits on his personalized terlit in da’ mens room.

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