Prediction: Mayor Camardelle and Chief Dubois will be roasted to a crispy brown…..

Paul Purpura has a must read for those that want to catch up.  Other vital background can be found here.

Federal lawsuit alleging Grand Isle molestation cover-up survives challenge ~ Paul Purpura

The mayor and the mother then were allowed to be in the room when Dubois questioned Dantin. When Dantin began to confess, Dubois was unable to find an operable voice recorder, and his assistant was unable to take notes, according to the lawsuit.

Camardelle, meanwhile, “was crying hysterically and uncontrollably, at times lying on the floor,” according to the lawsuit. Camardelle at one point thought he was having a heart attack. He was not. The mother’s lawyers accuse Camardelle of intentionally disrupting the confession.

Dantin was arrested. But the mother, questioning the slow pace of the investigation, said prosecutors repeatedly asked for the investigative reports from Grand Isle police, to no avail.

Is Bobby the Banana following Miss Chiquita outta the State Port?

My guess would be no. That said Anita Lee has all that and more:

Will major new Port of Gulfport tenant ease worries over Chiquita’s loss? ~ Anita Lee

So here we go again, all the local politicians will be showing up at a Port. This is a potentially dangerous thing for the taxpayers even if it supposedly is good news. Meantime, over in the Crescent City the Miss Chiquita celebration continues:

“This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

After hearing the stories and backstories from a few politically connected Mississippians, there is a reason I left Rose Cochran (mostly) on the cutting room floor. Unfortunately there are people, in their zeal to see Chris McDaniels elected to the US Senate, that did not get the memo:

Madison Police arrest Clayton Kelly for sneaking into Rose Cochran’s room (Updated) ~ James at Jackson Jambalaya

McDaniel campaign clarifies when they learned of Cochran break-in ~ Geoff Pender

McDaniel issues statement. Calls Cochran (Updated) ~ James at Jackson Jambalaya

Having seen the deleterious impacts of Alzheimers Disease on a personal level, I’ll add that it takes a special kind of asswipe to attempt to exploit someone that is likely in the later stages of the affliction.