5 thoughts on “Sometimes you simply shake your head and wonder what could have been……”

  1. Your head must be scarred if you are trying to make sense of that. Although I HAVE heard some pretty convincing explanations from people close to Ground Zero. But no independent corroboration so not releasing. At this point it all remains secret conjecture. Time will however tell. IMO. Too many loose lips and listing ships.

    1. Mrs. Vandeweghe, strip off the byzantine cloaking associated with political action and look at the underlying issues: aggrandizement of power which is merely reflected by the amount of lucre extorted. Obviously the local nomenklatura deems it quite important to retain the ability to extort the motoring public and local prosecutors abide that desire. Looking at federal prosecutions, one is struck by the fact that the hits are usually of low-lying fruit and/or of people who are expendable (circus for the rubes) or who are in the way of some bigger and better endeavor. Sad to say, but the investigations done over the decades locally have the air of coup d’etat, removing “obstacles.”

  2. Red light cameras tag thousands for undeserved tickets
    Analysis of 4 million violations recorded since 2007 reveals suspicious patterns at dozens of intersections, raises questions about system’s management…

    “Chicago transportation officials say they had no knowledge of the wild swings in ticketing until they were told by the Tribune — even though City Hall legally required the camera vendor to watch for the slightest anomaly in ticketing patterns every day. Many of the spikes lasted weeks.

    The lack of oversight raises new questions about the controversial traffic enforcement program, the largest in the country, now embroiled in a federal corruption probe into allegations that the city’s longtime red light camera manager took bribes from the camera company.”

    How can that be?

    “The only reasonable explanation is that it is something involved in the technology,” he said. “Whether it’s diabolical or mechanical or electronic and accidental, I can’t look inside people’s souls and know that, but the evidence is pretty strong.”

    Other reasonable explanation: They’re diabolical f*cking crooks and (because no one was doing their job to keep things honest-read reduce fines and profits) got caught because someone missing out on the take tipped the paper. Probably used a laptop or smart phone to rig the take remotely instead of climbing a pole. People are probably shocked at this development…

    1. Not I. Between certain Louisiana video poker interests owning the Illinois legislature and Redflex I should probably think about getting a subscription to the Tribune.

      1. If you already have some interest then this might be time to start following along with all the latest and future developments in Chicago. The real smoke signals emanate from the analysis of the camera video (each ticket is linked to archived video apparently) which shows that at some locations the massive spikes in tickets coincided with variations in the length of the yellow lights.

        But the yellow light interval during one of the most severe spikes fluctuated wildly, according to information extracted from a review of every ticket generated by the camera at 6200 N. Lincoln Ave. for more than a year.

        For the 100 tickets issued in the six months before the spike, the yellow light interval at that intersection ranged from 4.03 to 4.08 seconds. In the 563 tickets issued during a 12-day spike there, yellow light intervals dropped to about three seconds during 406 of them, then bounced back and forth to more than four seconds intermittently during the others.

        There may be a less nefarious cause, but the existence of an additional under the table feedback system between the revenue beneficiaries and the Chicago Department of Transportation is what they are probably looking for now. The insurance industry is following along on this now. If it turns out that traffic lights can be reprogrammed on the fly, and short yellows are already associated with rear end collisions, then one could see why insurers could have an interest.

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