Tuesday in side of the “Beltway” and otherwise

Here ya go folks, some of the best links money can’t buy:

Thad Cochran’s Executive Assistant Accompanied Him to 42 Countries on 33 Taxpayer-Funded Trips ~ Matthew Boyle

Staying with the election theme:

Gene Taylor says Steven Palazzo cast three unforgivable votes ~ Paul Hampton

Actually Gene was kind to Palazzo leaving off the wild parties that trashed beach houses, Palazzo’s former Chief of Staff heading to the Federal Pokey, using his taxpayer funded staff to conduct his and wifey’s personal business, etc, etc. etc.

Next up, from the how much damage can a packaged out former tampon salesman cause before he is packaged out again (Russell feel free to chime in here):

Chiquita verifies company considering a move from Gulfport ~ Anita Lee

Yo Fernando…..;-)

Speaking of Yo. Yo Gordon. 😉

Woman was aiding FBI in scrutiny of DA Harry Morel ~ Gordon Russell and Richard Thompson

This case simply won’t go away. Kinda like Slabbed. :mrgreen:

Finally, from the disaster that is the Jefferson Parish Hospital Privatization Process:

Children’s, Ochsner sign up same consultant to relieve financial pressures ~ Ben Myers and Rebecca Catalanello

Bonus heard on the street. Councilmen Roberts and Spears are butting heads these days. The conflict evidently traces to one of the JP public hospitals.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday in side of the “Beltway” and otherwise”

  1. Thanks to the Sun Herald for allowing the public to read how intelligent Steven Palazzo has been with his votes while he is supposed to be representing south Mississippi. Boy, we certainly picked a winner in more ways than one!

    Palazzo was ‘Johnny on the spot’ for his photo ops when he claimed to open the gates to let the WWII vets visit their memorial but he forgot to tell everyone he voted to close the government. What a HYPOCRIT!

  2. Holy Hollywood Homies Batman,

    There is a movie “Stone” starring Robert De Niro portraying a warden who submits to sexual favors to free a woman’s beau, portrayed by Ed Norton.


    This ongoing St.Charles thriller wit’ two dead women from drug overdose both allegedly tied to alleged sexual favors traded for alleged legal favors is scary similar and would make for a good, homie Louisiana justice movie.

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