Welp folks, word is filtering out and then some on Senator Thad Cochran’s living arrangements. I’ve been struggling with how to broach this topic since late last month but recent developments have solved that problem. With that set up exactly what the heck am I yammering about?

Donna over in Gulfport hammered the point home yesterday:


The complexity in this topic is in the back story. If history is any guide I’ll eventually be able to figure out how to present it but for now the news and election cycles are what they are.

11 thoughts on “BREAKING!!!!!!!!”

  1. Love to have a time machine and get the Dolly in the movie “for the living arrangements.”

    No wonder the Republic has gone to hell. The Senates is populated by jesters and Caligula’s horse whilst the emperor shreds the Constitution.

  2. O – M – G ! ! ! Wine, Women and Song?? A Republican??? Surely you jest!!!

  3. I was wondering how long it would take the Tea folks….(whoever you are) to steep to a new low. Kay Webber is a first class lady and a fine person. Furthermore, Looking Statewide….USM has a ton of thanks to give Thad for the Federal support that has been pumped into their campus facilities. On Agricultural issues MS State and the entire Delta agricultural productivity has been supported by Thad. ANd the Forestry industry in MS is better off because of Thad. WHO ARE YOU Tea Party in MS?? Take off the gas masks, quit trading in bit coin and silver ingots and wake up and realize you don’t run the conservative movement in our State. I’m fine with Thad living in DC and his 18 visits to the State. He has more class than 99% of the rest of the DC gang and will be remembered for that always. Thank you Thad for helping Mississippi!

    1. The body language in the pictures floating about on Twitter is telling. They make a nice looking couple and clearly enjoy each others company. And you’re correct about Ms. Webber being a quality person. Nowdy’s enthusiastic endorsement was more than enough to convince me.

      Through time the prospect of Thad running for re-election has never been a given dating back to the 2000 election if Bill Minor is accurate and I believe his December 18, 2002 column on that topic was.

      Its complicated but I think we can get there.

  4. Thad Cockrun, yo’ sure had a good run, spun a complex tale but got caught in yo’ ” Web” in D.C. thereby livin’ up to yo’ name but its time fo’ da’ silver fox to retire down to da’ cabin in Oxford and do some partyin’ in da’ old Patch where dey done hang chandeliers inside da’ party tents.

    I’ll look yo’ up in da’ Patch when The LSU Tigers visit in 2015 to eat some Black Bear ass for their Oxford defeat in 2013.

  5. I think Joel Osteen (I mean Chris McDaniel or the other way around) is getting desperate. Can I get an AMEN?….Son of Livestock Humping Confederate Bubbas that he is, Beauvoir Freak Flag waving hand that bites the hands that feeds you, Hairlip Teabagger Monster Truck low percentage representative voters who really DO NOT Represent Mississippi. Go home creepy Tea Bag Losers. Thad is the best choice


    I think Thad is one of the above and out of economic, business and budgetary ideas, innovations and productivity and it is time Cocka- bees- run out out D,C. for the good of Mississippi and America..

    Though not a Tea Partryer I say if they refuse to pass Senate term limits then the Tea Partyers need to flush all incumbents with more than two Senate terms ( 12 years) out of the District of Corruption.

  7. Oh, but wait a minute Senator Landrieu just got somehow coincidentally appointed to the powerful Chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources ( Oil, Gas, etc.) and Louisiana needs her for the future economy and good of the State of Louisiana ?

    The above paid, political BS announcement is how these career politicians stay in power till they become senile octogenarians wearing tampons and reading on the scale of a turdgrader.


  8. Running around with a man, who’s wife is in a nursing home radiates class!!!! But she really shouldn’t be the target… Don’t give me the old guy is lonely spill… Been public since she was put in a nursing home… And yes (rose Cochran is still alive)

    Many things are about to be exposed… And your average tax payer should be appalled by it…. It’s about Thad Cochran though… And his arrogant “do whatever I want vote however I want” attitude that needs to go

    Even if they are just friends.., that’s great…, gonna find out really soon how much “class” he has though…. A lot more than gallas and living arrangements…

    As for anyone who says McDaniel is behind this is absolutely 100% false…. I’ve been contacted by someone very close to him.. And he is Very against anything in cochran’s personal life getting out… McDaniel wants I win strictly on political issues…and I’m sitting on a wealth of evidence that would make anyone with an ounce of dignity to stay as far away from Cochran as possible

    There’s a big political issue here… And whether she’s his mistress or not is completely irrelevant

  9. Senator Cochran, please release yourself from this Jezebel. A whore takes money in exchange for sex. Please return to your wife, leave your mistress…

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