Meantime this Jacobus guy from San Fran will evidently put his name on anything…….

Looks like to me that on PDF page 16 Mssrs Abel and Jacobus, counsel for Trout Point Lodge, have breached a seal that Abel obtained on an ex parte basis from Judge Glenn Ansardi.   How quickly people forget Copeland v Copeland and Operation Wrinkled Robe.

Goatherder Motion on Truitt Intervention Goatherder Motion on Truitt Intervention

2 thoughts on “Meantime this Jacobus guy from San Fran will evidently put his name on anything…….”

  1. Well, what do you expect when DA Paul Connick and all of the 5th Circuit Appellate Judges run UNOPPOSED in EVERY election. Will SOMEONE, ANYONE please Stan up and run against these people?

  2. Nettie, unless some fellow with a seven digit fund decides to leave the reservation and run, ain’t gonna happen. Kleptocrats breathe deeply on the progressive nostrum of making life very, very difficult for those who thumb their nose at the agreed on order of succession. The interlocking directorates of media and “economic allies” in turn man the ramparts to alternatively destroy the challenger and build up the annointed one. The sheeple meekly visit the poling booths to justify the latest addition to the priesthood of the Religion of State. After the inevitable, that’s why you need the deep pockets, because you will wander the wildnerness for a few years recovering lost income.

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