Sunday Links: May 6th looms larger, Oooops Greenlit no more, sorry plus new GOP bagmen

First up from denial is a very dangerous thing file:

Mayor says no shortfall for Bay ~ Dwayne Bremer

Fed judges: ‘Jammer1954’ wasn’t federal prosecutor ~ John Simerman

All eyes now on Aircheck.

Finally this blast from the recent past that is well worth highlighting:

The Real Face of Mississippi Government ~ James @ Jackson Jambalaya

21 thoughts on “Sunday Links: May 6th looms larger, Oooops Greenlit no more, sorry plus new GOP bagmen”

  1. Doug I am amazed at the Jackson Jambalaya blog!!! It lays it all out in black/white/and other colors for the world to see (except for the goings on down here on the Coast). That being said, why hasn’t the national media and FEDS jumped on this and done something about it??? Those Barbies need to be run out of Mississippi on a rail!!! What is the problem???? Are the FEDS and national media blind????

    1. That was an impressive story by JJ. I have always heard about the political connections and government contracts associated with Frontier but I had no idea it was this embedded. Of course, I am not really surprised either. The comment section lit up like a Christmas tree.

  2. Doug,
    I am not surprised at the Mayor’s reaction. This is par for the course. All is well, all is well. I know that I have posted this before, but he said the same thing at a Political Forum last year during the Mayor’s race, and went so far as to use the word “lie”to defend the city’s books. Then a month later he stopped paying bills.
    This is a distressing pattern of behavior. This Council should begin with their next meeting or even at the workshop demanding not just the docket from the city clerk, which is a list of bills presented for payment, but demand to see if there are any bills that are not being presented for lack of funds–anything for which the Council is responsible.
    I would like to see a “workshop” meeting where the legal responsibilities of the Administration and the Council are discussed and made clear by the City Attorney, so that in the future everyone knows where they stand and what they are supposed to be doing. This puppet show has to end. For those interested in that kind of entertainment, they can go to the children’s summer reading program at the library–this is adult business, and I am praying for the day when some adults will take charge on behalf of the taxpayers.
    In the same Echo article, the Mayor wants to have an investigation into who was in the City Yard looking at city vehicles. He stated at the meeting and in the Echo that one of the individuals was a city representative and one was a private citizen. The only thing I can see at this point that these folks did wrong was to stupidly give the Mayor something to use as a distraction from the real problems–finances. Are any vehicles or equipment missing? This is a Mayor who publicly stated he doesn’t want anyone talking to his staff without his permission, and now visiting a city yard could be a “crime?!!” If I were Hizzonna, I would choose my words carefully here.

  3. Here’s another Sunday link. There was once was a post here at Slabbed which had to do with identifying commenters by style and word choice. Can’t remember the word and didn’t turn that post up with a quick search. (Tried narrowing things down using terms on Slabbed such as River Birch, Heebe, commentgate, Aircheck and so on 😉 well maybe sop remembers that word…)

    In any case there is a certain NBA owner whose words have made the news lately. Remembering that a long time ago there were some “entertaining” deposition excerpts involving this same person posted on the smoking gun in 2004 , I had that old slabbed post in mind as I revisited the excerpts of what had to be one of the more interesting depositions of a prominent person I am aware of.


    General situation in this link. NBA Owner In Sex Scandal Los Angeles Clippers boss admitted he paid to play

    Go straight to the salacious admissions (14 pages of deposition excerpts) with this link. Deposition of Donald T. Sterling Beverly Hills California, Wednesday, August 13, 2003.

    Aside: if anyone has a link to the full deposition post it up. I have never found it in full. (Hint hint hint- could be a both hotter and more timely popular than strange dreams or hot taxi rides hint hint ;-). Imo there must be much more in that full depo; additionally, ten years is enough for seemingly inconsequential details in 2004 to fully ripen.)

  4. Just finished following up on the Deadspin link in your twitter feed. That Deadspin post has a link embedded to a ESPN post: CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR, PAYING FOR SEX, MILLIONS IN PROFITS … DONALD STERLING LOVES IT ALL. AS THE NBA PLAYOFFS MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT THE CLIPPERS-AGAIN-WHO CARES IF HIS TEAM IS A PERPETUAL LOSER OR THAT HE’S CHARGED BY THE FEDS WITH RACIAL DISCRIMINATION? The following excerpt has to do with the case the previous referenced salacious deposition is for. Again, hint hint if that depo is still out there…

    Sterling’s testimony in another case, this one involving former associate Alexandra Castro, underscores his aggressiveness with women. When Castro, whom Sterling met in Las Vegas at Al Davis’ birthday party over Fourth of July weekend in 1999, visited his Beverly Hills office, Sterling later stated under oath that she brought a lab report proving she was HIV-negative, freeing him to continue having unprotected sex with his wife. “The woman wanted sex everywhere,” Sterling said. “In the alley, in her car, in the elevator, in the upstairs seventh floor, in the bathroom.” And he paid her for it. “Every time she provided sex she got $500,” he testified in 2003. “At the end of every week or at the end of two weeks, we would figure [it] out, and I would, perhaps, pay her then.”

  5. I believe the Frontier gang are doing great damage to Bryant regime and Phil does not even know it. These guys are on too many peoples radar and are being watched. One wrong move and we will be reading about them on the front page of the Clarion Ledger. They are a lightning rod and it is only a matter of time before somebody gets “shocked” and it will not be the readers of Slabbed or Jackson Jambalaya.

  6. Agreed, Biloxi Blues, Frontier will become a political liability for “helmet hair” Phil at some point. What’s amazing is this type of behavior continues, unabated. Kingfish has done a great job “simplifying” the convoluted and enmeshed political cronyism at play within the Gov’s admin and many of Mississippi’s state agencies today. Thanks for posting the link, Doug.

    Now on to the Bay of St. Louis’ Machiavellian leadership:

    None of this should be surprising to anyone that has spent any amount of time attending council meetings (and those awful workshops) both under the current administration and the previous administration. Both the council and the administration are to blame for the current fiscal mess the city is in. It has been building for years. The council has been derelict in their duties (current and past members) and both administrations have lacked transparency.

    The council’s desire to silence the public is an embarrassment. They don’t want to be bothered. Can’t stand the heat. Makes them very uncomfortable. The trumped up executive sessions are a joke. Puhleez….as if nobody can read between the lines and see what they are doing. They are terrible actors too. They don’t even try to hide the fact they’ve already agreed, in private, on matters to be put forth for a public vote. BSL administration is not much better. Their covert efforts in trying to silence their critics and stonewalling requests for public records only compound the perception that they are attempting to hide many things.

    Also, the city has quit publishing council minutes and docket reports on their website. July 2, 2013 was the last time council minutes were uploaded.
    September 3, 2013 was the last date the city docket was published.
    At least Bill Taylor kept his blog up-to-date. There is now zero info available on the web for interested parties that can’t make a 3:00 p.m. weekday meeting.

    IMHO, some good ole sunshine would go a long way in clearing some of these misunderstandings up. However, seems some folks like to keep the paying public in the dark.

  7. If you think about just the DMR subcontract that Frontier Gulf Coast was given you have to wonder if this was payback for going to bat for Jamie Miller and helping him get the director position at this agency. Word is Miller utilized the Frontier Gulf Coast office over in Ocean Springs prior to an after moving into the Bolton Building. I am sure all remember Miller stating that he was considering going to work with a consulting company before the water was mysteriously parted and the DMR job was laid in his lap. Was this company he spoke of Frontier? Has anyone been able to see any work product or determine if any exists from this DMR contract or subcontract with Frontier Gulf Coast? Hello, inside operators, let us hear if ya’ll know of any. I doubt much can be found. Then you have the “emergency” contract(s) they were given, which are no bid, like the one last year from Ms.DPS. Nobody knew when the holiday season took place or that more alcohol was consumed during this time of year until November 1 so no preplanning could be done. This emergency sure provide Frontier with a nice no bid present for Christmas. We all have heard about the connections they have to all that work under the current Governor. I think it is time Frontier stepped out of the shadows and defended themselves maybe with a guest post/column on Slabbed – Jackson Jambalaya or they can stay silent and be perceived as a fungus or disease on the government we the taxpayers are stuck with for the time being. Most people I know think an investigation by a certain federal agency is what should take place.

    1. BB,

      If my memory serves me correctly the only hard product that was produced for “public communication” from frontier was a power point presentation. There may have been something else but I am not totally sure and it would most likely be very small scale in nature. As I have stated before, I strongly beleive the work they performed could have easily been produced in house and an admin assistant could have created a similar product with information passed from management. The inside operators informed me long ago that was actually happening in one department before they got the contract. I also believe the future work of frontier was planned to be much larger. This may have been upset by the negative publicity when they first landed the contract for the “communications element.”

      As for the inside operators–they are at rest at the moment.

      “In due time, the public will be enlightened.”

      1. The only thing one could conclude is payback to Frontier from Miller who acts at the direction of Governor Bryant. Nothing else makes sense. If anybody cares to convince the public otherwise they should come forward and produce the work product that the subcontract dictated. If none exists the money should be returned to the agency. I would place my bet on no work product exists. Maybe they planned an employee pep rally for Miller and wrote his talking points. Be assured they read the blogs and are said to be very upset they are being discussed. Who are we to question the new bagmen? Just the dumb taxpayers who are on the hook for the money wasted, that’s who.

        1. I have actually heard they laugh at us. Either way, I agree that they most likely read the comments.

          To me, it’s almost like state government, political campaign and commercial business incest. The relationships are too close.

          1. What they better hope is that the FBI, who I hear also follows what is being said on blogs does not take an interest in them, if they have not already. The Gmen can find a crime that most did not know existed. The associations they love to brag about or fight over in the Oxford bars and Grove will for sure be examined just to make sure they are totally within the law. They would rather have a colonoscopy than have the FBI inside the Frontier offices questioning everything they are involved in. I think the position they have placed them selves in is no laughing matter. Gregory has legal council at home who should be advising him that white collar crime is more than discolored starch from the cleaners .

  8. From the latest ‘ Denial dangerous file’ is the Sterling-La.Clippers scandal:

    Not denying there is some racism present here but why has the main stream media not made it clear that the ex- girlfriend is being sued by the Sterling family for the embezzlement of $1.8 million dollars and according to ABC news story above she swore to get back at Mr.Sterling.

    Here in the more gentile South we call the ex-girl friend’s actions as true “Blackmail” and Mr.Sterling a boner-fied, “Bozo” billionaire to allow himself to be setup and baited on the phone.

    1. Sure sounds like the government was going to recommend more time than Scott Walker wanted to be gone away from home for. So now does he negotiate with crimes by others he may have knowledge of ? His total cooperation can be very beneficial but the judge will make the final decision on length of sentence. I see 5 years + or – a couple of months. Seems like all sentences in the federal system are for even number of months 58 or 64.

  9. Meantime, a similar filing from the Janus camp.

    Former D’Iberville City Manager Michael Janus seeks delay in sentencing in corruption case

    Janus’ lawyer, Cliff Johnson, filed a motion for the delay Friday in U.S. District Court. Prosecutors don’t oppose the delay in sentencing, which had been set for Tuesday.

    Johnson wrote that Janus and prosecutors are discussing sentencing issues and need more time.

    “My client Mr. jANUS is willing to accept the sentence reduced to time served and the two cents on the dollar restitution settlement. He appreciates that Stacey Pickering stands by the agreement he made to look closely, but at the same time not look too closely into the affairs of Mr. jANUS. He further has no problem with the sealing of all the records and timely expunction of the records upon successful completion of the ethics refresher continuing education. What he does object to is the proposed wearing of the sandwich board.

    Firstly, the proposed wording “I stole taxpayer money from YOU!” is subject to misunderstandings by the gullible public. We propose “Details matter, dot the i and cross the t!,” but would work toward non- objectionable and non-accusatory wording in the common ground in the middle. He did indeed take a plea, but still insists that he does not think he is not a criminal of any sort. He also does not think that any of his friends are criminals either. In any case, people will be looking to jump to conclusions, and Mr. jANUS doesn’t want to be party to having random aspersions cast on his long and successful career. Also acceptable would be wording to the effect of “I cooperated but not THAT much,” and “The others did it too.”

    Secondly, requiring Mr. jANUS to wear the sandwich board at public locations such as the D’Iberville Marina and on the sidewalk at 132 Lameuse Street in Biloxi will make it likely that people will see him with it on. If this is the idea, that will be problematic for my client. This objection to being seen in public with the sandwich board will continue no matter what wording is displayed. He would be more amenable to wearing the sandwich board in private, but certainly not amongst his business associates or those with whom he has political connections.

    Thirdly, Mr. jANUS insists that safety comes first. Mr. jANUS would object to wearing the sandwich board anywhere it could be seen by people in automobiles. Distracted driving is always a danger, and Mr. jANUS forsees people operating motor vehicles potentially losing control should they see him with the sandwich board. This could happen because a lot of people know Mr. jANUS, and he has been in the news more than he would like as of late. Some of the people who now know of Mr. jANUS are not known by Mr. jANUS. Drivers may also put others at risk when seeing Mr. jANUS with the sandwich board by doing one or more of the following: honking, making hand displays of whether support or disgust (thumb up or finger up respectively), turning to the passengers to comment (either positively or negatively), yelling things out the window (causing potential public disturbance if the language is foul), going around to drive past a second time wanting to either read the sandwich board or roll down the window and cause a disturbance (also causing potential traffic delays); in short, the list of reasons Mr. jANUS shouldn’t be seen in public with this sandwich board is nearly endless.

    The last objection Mr. jANUS has is to the letter to the taxpayers of D’Iberville (and the publication of the same, whether in the newspaper or online) concerning the bond payments for the not yet completed Ocean Expo. In general, it is complicated and people just won’t understand the issues. The idea that Mr jANUS would be photographed by any sign announcing the upcoming Ocean Expo is a non starter, as is the Ocean Expo in D’Iberville unfortunately. Excessive publicity of any nature may interfere with Mr. jANUS being able to work behind the scenes in the future. This has been how he brings home the groceries so to speak, and will be key to his ability to pay the restitution .

    To sum up, my client Mr. jANUS shares the court’s interest in seeing justice done, he just doesn’t want all that justice done to him for a few oversights. He does still insist that others have done more and gotten away with it. He might be willing to discuss this in the future, but only after all the applicable statutes of limitations have run (cooperating, but not that much.) The taxpayers should be able to suck it up and get the money from somewhere else. Retribution is for the afterlife.

    1. RFP,

      A question in regards to the Johnson comment. Where on earth did you find this? Second, is the quoted text you post actually coming from Janus’ lawyer? Third, why would Janus and his lawyer thank Stacey Pickering since Janus is involved with a federal crimes?

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