Obviously we have some catching up to do

First up is the Whistleblower and the copious amount of comments left yesterday evening about Scott Walker and Hancock County Supervisor Steve Seymour. I’m not clearing them through the moderation que because it will save a lawsuit or two (or three).

That said there is someone that made contact with me, as luck would have it, typically on days over the past few months when all hell was breaking loose. Since we have copious amounts of disaster management experience here at Slabbed New Media thanks to the Hurricane from which this website’s name is derived, no task is forgotten and I hope to have some quality muck raked for everyone very soon.

Speaking of tasks, sometime in the recent past a reader was kind enough to send in some photos and I absolutely love reader photos. This pic of Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, for instance, is a legendary Slabbed classic. Along those lines we are in a  political season here in South Mississippi so some photos from the east side of the coast are in order.  The first documents a wanton act of vandalism of the type that civilized society fully condemns so we start at Frank Palazzo’s place just north of the Promenade: Continue reading “Obviously we have some catching up to do”