6 thoughts on “Good Friday Tech Team Update”

  1. Like some sort of bizarre mating dance of the olive drab mustachioed poultry people……. I want to be the guy who does all the yelling on the tech team drill squad…… Yalllllllaaaaaaaammmmmmm!!!!!

    1. and there seems to be a lot of roaches around that border……. you know what they say, “where there’s roaches, there’s goats!

  2. Holy Hidden Easter Eggs Batman,

    Are you sayin ‘ sublimely dat the lower Poon border crossing gate has been closed to da good southern Kernel ?

    Or are you sayin’ da’ gate keeper is in place to keep foreign terrorists from sabotagin’ Slabbed?

  3. Doug, brilliant piece of satire. One can imagine government meetings from the District of Criminals down to your local kleptocrat gangsters starting off with material out of the Ministry of Silly Walks and shills who would embarass the worst carnival barker imaginable, all to open up a session of buncombe and bullshit.

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