Back home in the mountains……

They call politicians that do not hold town hall meetings because they are too scared to meet with their constituents or debate their opponents Kentucky Warblers because it has “olive-green upperparts and yellow underparts.” aka a Yella Belly.

Taylor challenges Palazzo to debate ~ Paul Hampton

No debate, Palazzo says to Taylor’s hand-delivered challenge ~ Anita Lee

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo declines Gene Taylor’s debate challenge ~ Gareth Clary

A reader comment to Clary’s article illustrates a potential reason why Palazzo prefers to remain in hiding:

I want somebody, Gene Taylor will do, to ask Steven Palazzo what he knows about the sale/ purchase of a piece of property at 323 Front Beach, Ocean Springs owned in part by his father,Frank Palazzo, using CIAP funds at the direction of convicted felon Dr.William Walker. The inflated price of almost one million per acre was paid for a low lying drainage basin in a V zone and is equal to the robbery of a bank.This was a robbery of the taxpayers he wants to continue to represent. Did he help in any way access the federal funds used to purchase his dad’s property? Then we need to ask him what he knows about the indictment of his former chief of staff, Michael Janus. Has he been involved in any way with the D’Iberville-IMMS aquarium scandal or has he helped get federal dollars for this scam? This is the real reason he will not debate in my opinion.

Taxpayer funded Palazzo family land deals has been an occasional topic here on Slabbed.

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  1. I watch Palazzo on Channel 13 this morning. His chicken manure answers to why he would not agree to a debate could be a tipping point in campaign against his re-election. While it may be his choice his decision is a very poor one that he has made at his own peril. I read the Ms. Press article and comments first thing this morning. While Gene Taylor may be a former Democrat, Stephen Palazzo is the current son of a suspected crook who participated in the gang raping(sorry to those offended) of the taxpayers along with David Harris, Bill Walker, and others. Time to take the gloves off and tell it like it is. I tipped my coffee cup to commenter Jones earlier and I just did it again. All we need to find out now is that the Frontiersmen are running the Stevie “Wonderless” Palooza campaign. That folks would create a stampede away from these stooges.

    1. Great post BB.

      I was cruising Million Dollar Row last weekend and could not help but notice a large volume of Gene Taylor support signs throughout the area. I also happened to notice only 1 sign supporting Palazzo during my cruse. Take a guess who’s house it was staked in front of?

      I think the campaign managers comments pretty much sum up what is to be expected from Palazzo throughout the campaign. We have already had an ear full of how Gene was a Democrat but what Palazzo does not advertise is that Gene has a very conservative like voting record with respect to the common Democrat. Unlike Palazzo’s message and obvious beliefs, I vote for the person and NOT the party.

      Palazzo is not a normal Republican. He is an Extremest and a Radical Republican that is apart of a Regime that give all other NORMAL Republicans a bad name.

  2. I certainly was not surprised that Palazzo would not debate Taylor. After all, he did not follow through with his ‘Fire Pelosi’ slogan that elected him to unseat Taylor. What is his slogan this time around? What is he promising his constituents in 2014? What can he claim that he has accomplished for and in south Mississippi?

  3. Palazzo’s will be at the home of Shirley Margaret and John Godsey, 502 Martin Ave., on Wednesday from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Special guests will be Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., Mississippi House members Manly Barton, Charles Busby, Jeffrey Guice, Hank Zuber and Doug McLeod, and Jackson County Supervisors Barry Cumbest, Mike Mangum, John McKay and Troy Ross.

    Wonder if the Snake Nation should attend???? Looks like old John McKay is still hanging in there to see what else he can suck from this trough now that the YMCA gig is up. Now it looks like they are trying to recruit poor old Troy Ross. Thought he was the peoples’ man? Guess I was wrong about that one. Take a good look at the list of names here folks. They are all members of the trough feeders Society and “dear friends” of the illustrious Potentate Palazzo. Their hands will be out for the $$$ and even the Taxpayers’ money is game. Keep it coming folks….they need more $$ for more Washington parties with wine, women, and song!!! We must keep the troughs overflowing for their neverending hunger and greedy lifestyles!!!

  4. P. S. I am surprised that this shindig was not held at 323 Front Beach in Ocean Springs!?!?!?! Isn’t that the property that is bought and paid for by the Taxpayers’ CIAP money that was made possible through the donation of Bill Walker and the DMR???? Since Palazzo’s father, Frankie Boy, was the proud owner of that property, I thought that he could use it for free???? Oh, that’s right, it’s too low and it is wetlands. I forgot. Hopefully, the Auditors got that one right. Wonder what the FEDS will have to say about this one?

  5. BlackMamba, were any of the above mentioned elected Republicans at the Gene Taylor, Meet the Public in Ocean Springs Thursday night? You reckon ‘ole Blubberbutt Barbour’ told them to stay home and cast their votes for ‘Pretty Boy Palazzo’?

    We certainly have elected a bunch of spineless creatures! First, they go down on Front Beach in Ocean Springs this past summer (and most drive in the back way) to Joe Clowd’s Home for a fund raiser for none other than ‘Blow Hard Pickering’ and now, it appears they are gearing up to defeat Taylor or am I reading the wrong tea leaves?

    1. Mr. Rodgers

      I would suspect they all will be gangbanging Taylor. Palazzo is a regime member so he will get plenty of cover fire to accomplish the mission. One could even connect the dots to the DMR. Miller used to be some kind of chief of staff for palazzo. He is now the director of the DMR due to a very suspicious selection from the governor. Palazzos dad seems to also be involved with DMR doings according to comments I have read. It’s beyond politics. It’s more like what we have read in our history books regarding old world England.

  6. No, Eye Spy, it is not like old world England! It is so like the era of Governor Huey P. Long in Louisiana. If you read history, and I am sure you do, Long’s crooked escapades remind me of present day Mississippi. From DMR, to MDA, to Gulfport Port, to Kemper, to Barbour, to Bryant, to Byrd, to Pickering, to Joe Cloyd, to the Walkers and so many others involved with no justice or restitution, we are giving Huey P. Long a race for his position and notoriety.

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