Goatherder Legal: Another crash and burn on display in the local media

St. Tammany DA ramps up charge against legal adversary ~ Sara Pagones

Vincent Wynne, who represents GDH and Riecke, points to the fact that the federal lawsuit was dismissed and that his clients won their civil suit against Sharp. Wynne said that attorney Danny Abel, who initially represented Sharp and filed the federal suit, had “left a mess” and “put up so many smokescreens,” costing his clients money.

Vance, the federal judge, ordered Abel to pay the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office attorney’s fees of $22,382 in a separate but similar case, in which Abel had accused the office of violating a St. Tammany woman’s rights by seizing certain items in a search.

Abel has also been admonished by Rothschild for making irresponsible claims of fraud against the District Attorney’s Office in yet another, also unrelated case.

Sources tell Slabbed Mr. Sharp has since obtained professional legal representation. Stay tuned.

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  1. “Wynne said that attorney Danny Abel, who initially represented Sharp and filed the federal suit, had “left a mess” and “put up so many smokescreens,” costing his clients money.”

    Never good when opposing attorney feels sorry for the person he’s suing because of his f’d-up choice of representation. Beware the goatherd.

    1. Doug is cakling with gle as to when he can post the fulfillment of Vance’s order. A copy of the payment will look just right.

      Of course, sensing the typical goatherd mentality, it will be an NSF check. What are the odds a Louisiana disabled attorney (DA) will prosecute given Abel’s “connections”? LOL

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