Records are meant to be broken……(Updated)

Folks, thanks to a shout out from Bubba the Love Sponge, it appears the case of the lusty lawyer and cabbie may just has shattered the Slabbed site traffic records now previously associated with the LSU Sorority girl turned amature porn star.

We had so much site traffic on this post that at one point this morning just after 7 AM local time it caused a Slabbed server to temporarily crash.

Thanks Bubba!

8 thoughts on “Records are meant to be broken……(Updated)”

  1. The story of the Lusty Lawyer out loud around town starting at that famous New Orleans restaurant now referred to as the G spot ,thanks to Jenn is a lot more fun that the stale old Republicans like the Walkers,Cloyd,Gregory and Pickering. She is even more fascinating than old George Malvaney and his colored or primarily white past. You just wonder what would make a suck-cessful, well educated, attractive women go naughty right in the very town she lives and works in. This ain’t no Las Vegas bachelorette party where naughty may be the norm. Maybe it could be blamed on the female version of Viva Viagra or is it a byproduct of the cactus juice that makes Jenn’s clothes fall off ? Anyway it is a fun break from the crooks and their cohorts because the trials start next week for those DMR ex-employees who do not plead guilty beforehand. I totally understand how the story of Jenn and the G spot could be a real ball busting record breaker.

  2. A beaver “illegally” shot, an overcharged sexual battery, a tolled -out and thoroughly stiffed but wrongly jailed cabbie and a Bubba report beat out raw, pure adulterated Purple and Gold intercourse ? Larry Flynnt is in disbelief but hopefully Louisiana’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel isn’t and is getting hot and excited on da’ big ass, tale of dis’ deceivin’ beaver.

  3. To LOCK (and Others): Slightly “off-topic”: Maybe one day Doug will have the time, and SLABBED will have the BALLS (if the “GoatHerders” don’t already have them), to EXPOSE the CORRUPTION of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary System, starting with the degenerate criminal scum and vermin Chief Disciplinary Counsel Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr. and his POSSE. This person belongs IN JAIL, and I CRINGE and RECOIL whenever decent people suggest that HE do something about attorney corruption. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO DO ANYTHING other than surrender to “law enforcement” and deliver himself for INCARCERATION. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Now, Ashton, you can’t mean that seriously, for after all, who would serve as the figleaf for the well connected attorneys of the world? After all, you need a dog-and-pony show to convince the rubes that something is being done, du verstanden?

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