Records are meant to be broken……(Updated)

Folks, thanks to a shout out from Bubba the Love Sponge, it appears the case of the lusty lawyer and cabbie may just has shattered the Slabbed site traffic records now previously associated with the LSU Sorority girl turned amature porn star.

We had so much site traffic on this post that at one point this morning just after 7 AM local time it caused a Slabbed server to temporarily crash.

Thanks Bubba!

I think she knows she’s in big trouble

At least that is what Megan Huntsman’s mugger tells me:

Megan Huntsman Mugger
Accused Murderer Megan Huntsman

There has got to be serious human psychology behind anyone who engages in filicide and sure enough there is lots of information out there on the topic. Here is a three pack with the first link especially well timed:

Analysis: 32 years of U.S. filicide arrests ~ David Orenstein, Brown University

An Overview of Filicide ~ Dr. Sara West, National Institute of Health

Filicide-suicide: common factors in parents who kill their children and themselves ~ Dr. Susan Hatters, University Hospitals of Cleveland

Huntsman’s defense at least has some place to start.