2 thoughts on “Mainly because Vitty got away with it….”

  1. McAllister spent/loaned a lot if his own money to get elected. He hasn’t had time to collect enough to pay back his loans plus bank some ROI. If the GOP establishment wants him to quit they may have to find him a golden parachute.

    The incredible part of this story is the notion that an assistant pipeline inspector and his cosmetologist wife with no prior political activity suddenly maxed out $5200 two days before the special election and then doubled down a week later for the runoff. If they really did that with their own money it would be the first time in campagn finance history.

    1. Agreed that one doesn’t find many career politicians spending a considerable portion of their income on their campaigns, and the better measure might be what portion of the liquid assets were invested in the campaign. OTOH these two might demographically be a better match for customers of bingo parlors, casinos, and lottery tickets, and the odds of the jackpot are much higher with the political campaign.

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