Just when ya think Alabama is coming outta the dark ages……

Something happens to let us all know that transparency there is still a foreign concept:

Judge denies Sun Herald’s request to see letters written on behalf of Byrd ~ Margaret Baker

Maybe I’m spoiled as sentencing letters are routinely released in criminal cases both the Federal Mississippi Southern District Courts and the Louisiana Eastern District Courts thus my opinion that Judge Steele’s decision concerning former Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd is absolutely wrong. (For an example of the quality journalism that can come from an analysis of sentencing letters click here.) Byrd not only gets a sweetheart plea deal he also gets to keep aspects of that which went into the accompanying sweetheart sentence a secret.

What we have here is yet another politician that is a hypocrite

The news cycle has been kinda slow here on the coast which is good because I’m buried in paying work. The benefit to covering a two state region however is things are almost never slow to the west in the great state of Louisiana especially when it comes to sexcapades so Monday’s bombshell that newly minted Duck Dynasty Congressman Vance McAllister has been carrying on with the wife of a long time very close friend signaled the start of a very lively feeding frenzy. I thought about the departed Nowdy and one of my favorite Slabbed post titles of all time because it just seems to fit the situation so well:

“if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office” ~ Nowdoucit

In any event I immediately discounted the politically based conspiracy theories being bandied about as to the source of the leak, mainly because in my career as an auditor I’ve spent sizable amounts of time onsite at a multitude of entities including a couple of times at places where the big boss / owner was messing with the hired help. I can guarantee you folks that two things were true in McAllister’s Monroe Congressional Office, which news reports have now pinpointed as the source of the leaked video:

  1. Everyone that worked in that office knew exactly what was going on between McAllister and Melissa Hixon Peacock.
  2. The other women in the office to the person likely despised Peacock for carrying on with the boss.

Reports: McAllister district manager leaked kissing video ~  Lauren McGaughy

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