Because he is a faithful man: Hervey Farrell sues the City of New Orleans and former radio show host Jennifer Gaubert

Folks there was one media outlet that called the case of the lusty radio show host and cabbie from the jump and that would be Slabbed New Media and we even have the victory lap to show for it. After that victory lap I was given further information on lusty lawyer Jenn Gaubert that, if published, could possibly cause heart attack problems in certain older readers, especially the uninitiated so I kept the level of salaciousness to a bare minimum.

Since then I’ve been quietly following the related criminal cases against Gaubert as they wind their way through the criminal justice system but the bottom line is Ms. Gaubert is a woman with an itch to scratch, albeit one accompanied with a mean streak. I mention all this because late last week courthouse news posted the suit that Cabbie Hervey Farrell filed against Gaubert and the City of New Orleans and now we have a wonderful first hand description of the itch scratching methods applied by Gaubert.

Even better, with the municipal criminal battery case now complete John Simmerman nabbed the following video of a portion of the incident to go along with his report on Farrell’s lawsuit.  The video is frankly a must see but I will caution Gaubert flashes her panties while propositioning Farrell thus if you are on heart medication or suffer from untreatable erectile dysfunction viewer discretion is advised:

30 thoughts on “Because he is a faithful man: Hervey Farrell sues the City of New Orleans and former radio show host Jennifer Gaubert”

  1. Never heard him collect his cab fare in the video from the whispering, singing vagina nor does the lawsuit state if he was actually “stiffed” twice.

    Good thing he didn’t die after he got “stiffed” twice cause he would have been featured on the TV reality series “1000 Ways to Die” entitled ” Rock Hard and Fareless in his End”

  2. Law out Loud has been very quiet. Wonder what her boyfriend thinks about this hole matter? She is a lot more attractive when she is sober and not so begging to trade sex for taxi services rendered. My Fare Lady is probably very disappointed in herself. I feel certain she will show up on YP in the fake taxi driver meets girl category .A great version Lawyers gone wild in New Orleans. What happens in this city goes on Youtube. Ya gotta laugh out loud about this horndog and the total self control this driver was displaying for filming purposes.

    1. Holy Tricky, Tacky Taxi Dancer, Biloxi Blues

      Yo’ right BB, he be in “total self control” holding da’ camera from jerking wildly steering away from nasty road holes wit’ he’s elongated, bowed leg which be harder than landing a plane on da’ Hudson. Hope he didn’t pick-up anymore cabalistic bugs.

      Rumor done has it dat’ hard-headed, Saint Hervey be so holey dependable and predicktably faithful to his squeeze dat after he done been jacked-off he’s job he bought his own dang cab, a pimped-out Explorher, and named da’ company, “Rock Hard Holey Rides”.

    1. That is an excellent find! So many memories….

      And now the rest of the story:

      Quinn ended up going Pro Se in the divorce, Benge ended up being booted off the bench and a Pro Se Quinn successfully moved to have Judge Steib recused due to perceived homecooking. Quinn of course has been a favorite here for quite some time.


      1. LOL, good luck with that suit, given the statutory and judicially created immunities which protect our elected rulers from “we the people.”

      2. Yes, I know of Quinn from my adventures on Slabbed. As I watched that taxi ride video for the thousandth time something clicked about her name. Just wonder if she ever rode with Quinn? I guess we will never know cause that would be an attorney-client privilege if you know what I mean.

  3. Ooooh Baby Baby…
    I’ve seen better behavior from a rabid pit bull.
    Her family must be so proud.
    Word is she can queef the entire soundtrack to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” !!!!!!!!
    Moooon River, wider than a mile…
    Tra la la lalala

    1. No woman should have to beg for it and should never have to expose herself just to be humiliated. Wonder if public nudity is against the law in New Orleans? This did not take place during Mardi Gras so that exemption from any violation would not apply. She could have been her own private French Quarter Festival if the right person would have been there for her. Really sad.

      1. Aye! Thing is the video tells us there was a boyfriend in the equation whose services could have been used but were not. There is even talk about an ex-husband but my lips are currently sealed as to such backstories. :mrgreen:

    1. Last time I peeked the story had over 220 comments and that does not count the multitude of deleted comments.

      You never see that kind of participation on Facebook only commenting platforms and yes, Jenn or someone very close to her is commenting there.

  4. His parting comment, which I saw/heard in an unedited version of the video, changes what I thought happened here. Also, a comment on nola, from someone who seems to know, says the cab ride was 1.5 hours long. The cabbie also makes a comment about how he is going to get in trouble. Are they both in the wrong?

    1. I had the same impression after viewing. No idea who to believe about what but what was it that caused the cabbie to say that? What a hot mess for all involved. Probably soon to be made into a NSFW movie.

      1. This reminds me of the chant you use to hear from the Lucky Dog vendors in the Quarter “If your hungry, if your hungry, buy a hotdog from me”. Was he offering a hotdog? Maybe not. But he did offer to sell the tape and make this all go away. Was this his plan from the minute Our Fare Lady entered his hotdog stand aka taxi? I think he knew she was over the alcohol limit in minute one and continued to drive her around for over an hour. She was to drunk out loud to realize what she was doing and he was smart enough to film the show for purposes he revealed later. So “If your drunk,I mean really drunk, buy the video of it from me.” Lucky Dog or Lucky Cab, both are pretty damn gross. You be the judge.

      2. He is male, dealing with a drunk woman. That is enough of a reason to believe he is in trouble.

        She lies, he spends the night in jail and loses his job. She sexually assaults him, he is the one villified.

        Had the roles been reversed, this would not be a ‘hot mess’, it would be an open-shut case of the man is wrong, the woman is right. It just so happens this man had the evidence to prove otherwise, which created the mess.

        1. If the roles were reversed and she admitted on the video to having an orgasm, would that matter?

    2. Prince: Do you really believe Hard-Headed Saint Hervey is going to ride her around for 1.5 hours with gas at $3.35 a gal while she’s crying on his shoulder for sex ?

      For what, so he can get classic blue balls and get even more ” stiff’d” f out of a reported 1.5 hour toll by the well-known, local cabbie toll cheating, Singing Vagina Monologues ?

      They say a salesman is a sucker for another’s sales pitch everytime and you as an attorney seem to be sucking up her Law Out Loud BS propaganda. Before you know it Hervey’s attorney is going to request the Federal Judge command the TP turn over the ID of such BS commentary and we’ll see just whose vagina is doing all the singing.

  5. Wow. You would imagine had the genders been reversed this would be a much larger story. So much for equality. I wonder if in LA this counts as grounds for losing your license. It’s going to he hard for her to enter into negotiations when opposing counsel is countering with oral sex.

  6. It’s amazing the people here go on a rumor that the cab ride was “1.5 hours long” and they just run with it. No one can confirm how long the taxi ride was. When she exited the taxi cab, Jennifer Gaubert said “Your girlfriend is a lucky gal” which, to me, means that no sex happened, otherwise why would she say that?

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