Miller Time: The spring PR and Trial seasons are upon us

I had no clue the entirety of the state’s Gross Domestic Product made it into the state’s coffers but after reading Jamie Miller’s latest in the Sun Herald that no clue feeling washed over me several times in a tide of cheap talking points, skillfully packaged as they were:

JAMIE M. MILLER: Time for DMR to focus on its mission

Meantime in other news complete with mugshots:

Trials set in state cases against former DMR employees ~ Anita Lee

Let’s mark our Circuit Court calendars:

  • Leslie Gollott: April 21
  • Grant Larsen: May 12
  • Tina Shumate: May 19
  • Susan Perkins: May 19
  • Kerwin Cuevas: August 4

Here at Slabbed we’re not marking calendars to join any sort of lynch mob no siree. Slabbed is known for making bold predictions and I have one for the outcome of these State Auditor lead investigations, which with one exception focused on mid level employees and stopped way short on the dealings between the Marine Resources Foundation and other Jackson County based nonprofits.

Lets set the morning line, specifically the acquittal over/under of these 5 upcoming cases at 2.5.  I like the over there as I foresee three acquittals though five would not surprise me.

6 thoughts on “Miller Time: The spring PR and Trial seasons are upon us”

  1. My Fellow Americans,

    By now, some of you may have already read the paper and enjoyed a laugh or two from reading the comical letter from Jamie Miller. As Doug pointed out, I also totally agree that it was nothing more than a pile of cheap talking points aimed at improving his public image which is currently “battle wounded”. A condensed version of this letter with similar ideas and a vision issued to the public immediately after his inauguration or the 60-day review would have brought optimism. However, it appears that Jamie is once again a day late, and a dollar short.

    When I first read the letter when it broke last night I had plans of writing a 5-6 page post aimed at picking every detail apart with calibrated precision. Fortunately for Jamie, I have other things to do today so that wont happen.

    For most people who have been following the Miller activities, you are probably familiar with the negative publicity he has received since assuming the position. Lets have a recap of some of the highlights:

    1) The Frontier Ordeal (what we got for the money and why they were really hired)
    2) Multiple suspicious hiring practices that were apparently not advertised
    3) Hundreds of thousands of dollars given to Horne
    4) The Dumb and Dumber Video–courtesy of the Sun Herald

    Since Miller’s debut, we have heard over and over, a very simple word that has actually created more of a mystery with respect to his inner doings. That simple word is TRANSPARENCY and it seems to be more of a Republican political slogan to buy votes than anything else. That powerful word has once again made the spotlight in his latest letter. This time, in the form of a section heading in bold print which is titled “Progress and Transparency.”

    To the ill informed reader, the letter itself and the section titled Progress and Transparency may have a positive impact. It may even leave the reader with a positive image that things are going great at the DMR now that Jamie took the helm. When the text is combined with a honest looking photo of Jamie sporting the typical “Trent Lott Style” haircut and the standard issue red tie, I can see how one could be lead to believe that Phil picked the right guy for the job.

    Unfortunately for those who have followed the actions of Miller, most of us know this is nothing more than a cheap and shallow PR scheme attempting to win over public opinion. Sure, I suppose as director, he can claim responsibility for almost anything that happens inside the Bolton Building. In my opinion, the reality is that this man has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars contracting out basic management functions and now wants to claim responsibility for what I believe to be, minuscule results. OK, I’ll give him credit if he wants it but lets take a look at a few things we have gotten for the money:

    1) A power point presentation (the communication element) following the 60 day review in which one former commissioner expressed his opinions about the review itself.

    2) A bunch of information posted online—big friggin’ deal–a lot of stuff has been posted there for years and you have added a little more.

    For more detail, one can read Miller’s list of accomplishments in his latest letter. Anyone with a basic knowledge of business and management will clearly see that most of what has been accomplished is very elementary in nature and is probably to be expected with his level of education and experience. When you combine these self-proclaimed accomplishments with other questionable activities he should be responsible for, it really doesn’t sound like much has happened (or changed) and the tax payers are stuck with the tab.

    Of course, it would not be Jamie-like without sending kudos to our local politicians as it appears that he has deep political roots himself. In his letter he speaks of the leadership of Wiggins and Eure in making the DMR act possible. Yes folks, this is same Wiggins that was apparently on a DMR fishing trip who I believe is doing all this to save face and to lead local Republicans in an effort to make Jamie look like his was the right choice by the Governor. Team work in action.

    As for the upcoming DMR trials: “In due time, the public will be enlightened.”

  2. Since the Miller letter is simply nothing more than a PR smoke screen in my opinion, lets have a Slabbed Nation vote.

    Who do you think crafted for the masterful work of art titled: Jamie M. Miller–Time for DMR to focus on it’s mission?

    A) Jamie Miller himself
    B) Melissa Scallan
    C) The Frontier Boyz’
    D) “The General”
    E) A local Republican politician while dining at the Great Southern Club

    My final answer is “C”

  3. I too will pick C and that is my final answer. Miller is probably getting ready to run for some office and his campaign released the not news worthy piece.

    1. That has been my hunch since the beginning but we wont know until we see it, if it ever materializes. He has a lot of baggage and the good stuff has not been revealed yet. 😉

      If he were to run for something, I believe electronic media would do him in quick.

      1. This group of Republican turks spun out of the offices of Barbour,Lott and Cochran always have the holding of public office as their ultimate goal. Just look at Walker and Janus as examples. You have the Frontier boys getting paid to push the campaign side then using these contacts if they happen to get someone elected to get to more money. They remind me of Charlie Sheen…WINNING… same type of personalities. I hope the baggage keeps them all from getting there.

  4. There is not much that Eye Spy did not cover in his analysis of Jamie Miller and DMR and he was right on! My sympathies are for the hard-working employees that work at DMR . And if you readers think things will change for the better at DMR; think again. It will not happen.

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