Thursday Mix and Match

No state lines today folks, just links:

Must Read: Shades of Harry Lee: Louisiana sheriff convicted of hunting-related crime

Specifically this part as it cuts across many of the Jefferson Parish topics we’ve tackled here:

Carlos Marcello was a Mafia boss who presented himself as a tomato salesman. He lived in Metairie and died in 1993.

Lee was Jefferson’s sheriff from 1980 to 2007. But he was the parish attorney when he dined at Marcello’s Grand Isle camp July 7, 1979, and spent the night there. That pre-dates digital journalism, but you can read this States-Item story about their evening. (Hat tip to Danny Gamble, our chief librarian, for the clip.)

Republican Chris McDaniel Leads Incumbent for U.S. Senate in Mississippi ~ WXXV

Another must read as I take a victory lap regarding the HCA offer for the Jefferson Parish hospitals:

Jefferson Parish hospital lease consultant presents harsh critique of suitors ~ Ben Myers

The heuristics is straightforward: Someone that wants to  “buy a spot in the line” is willing to pay more than existing market participants for that spot. Excuse me while I take another lap….

Hancock Medical adds to lawsuit ~ Dwayne Bremer

WYATT EMMERICH: Tax incentives are a high price to pay for bragging rights ~ Sun Herald

7 thoughts on “Thursday Mix and Match”

  1. In the mid 80s Lee was also questioned and ticketed, I believe, by one of his own deputies investigating gunshots in the area around the grain elevator on River Road just downstream from the Huey Long Bridge. It seems the doves were attracted by the grain and made easy targets. I believe he was never charged with shooting over a baited field in that incident and it wasn’t baited in the strict sense of the word. However, for someone who claimed to be a sportsman it was an obvious disregard for the term.

    1. That’s a good recall, lad. I recall one Tulane law school professor also in on the gig who didn’t fare as well.

  2. Jr:
    Who killed Chokwe Lumumba? From just da’ very name of da’ mayor and watching the video on the political platform of Gwendolyn I done believe it was a hit ordered by da’ underground tribal leader, namely spear chucker,Chief Reefa Madnass, who wants to build da’ cannibus factory for the civil defense decontamination of radioactive afflicted Jacksonians, as exemplified by da’ glow in da’ dark tee shirt dat Gwendolyn is wearing.
    Batman: Carlos stoically swore under penalty of perjury before a Congressional committee he was indeed just a very successful” tomato” salesman. Gotta believe his detailed testimony:

  3. Speaking of mixing and matching–Here is another story that gets under my skin.

    I believe the story to be right on target on how our state government is creating a welfare program to lure in big businesses and jobs. Of course, I suppose Phil Bryant and the Klan have to do something to lure in big business due to the fact that Mississippi may not be a prime choice of many businesses due to the available labor pool that has spawned from a poor educational system. So, they simply lure them in with heavy tax breaks and provide a fertile anti-union atmosphere which will support driving people like slaves to make the business successful.

    Phil is still living in 1861

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