3 thoughts on “So the Slabbed Tech Team has been huddling today……”

  1. Holy of da’ Holies Batman,

    No wonder yo’ didn’t respond to my Bat Signal.

    Nuttin’ like restin’ one’s head at ole Shady Thicket, rated XXXX by Hotels.com., .

    Heard from culinaryman, Tom ” Foreplay” Morris da ‘restaurant dere’ got dem’ KFC’s Finger Lickin’ tenders , da huge’ Italian Sausage Muffagotta, Grilled Oyster on 12″ PoBoy or how bout dem’ lip lickin’ Artachoked Balls. Or fo’ dat real primitive, southun’ caveman experience try da’ Club Sandwich before retirin’ as it makes visitin’ wit’ da’ Kernel a little easier.

    But stay away from dere Fruit Trays and Flamin’ Fritters dey will gag yo’ and don’t forget to order dere house breakfast special, sunny-side down eggs benadick, in da’ morning.

    Finally, beware of Sheriff Missy Style who writes a $69 ticket if yo’ loiter round da’ Thicket too Long. Utterwise, enjoy yo’ Prolong visit and let Robin handle da’ little stuff at da’ Bat Cave..

  2. Malfeasance is alive and well within the Jefferson Parish Police Dept. It is very obvious in the Town of Lafitte. The airboat menace is protected at every turn. Kerner thinks he has found the mother lode with his pet boys and their contraptions. Mean while people of Lafitte and Barataria who are annoyed at the persistent and unnecessary noise, wait for relief from someone, anyone. If a marijuana field was discovered in the marsh, the police would have personnel and equipment from all over the state to destroy the crop and find the growers. That is until they discovered who the grower is. Then there are the millions of dollars being spent on useless construction. The contractor is making a lot of money at taxpayer’s expense. How many residents of Lafitte have a job at the construction sights? Same contractor every time; nothing going on there right Timid.

    1. Holy Miracle Ear/ Cannabis Caper Batman,

      Enough “huddling” Batman, get out of there quick before yo’ flying cape loses its’ aerodynamic properties from a yeast infection.


      Besides, skip comments above they are ordering Miracle Ears cause of da’ airboat noise and juicing raw cannabis fresh from da’ marshes in Lafitte.

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