Thank you Gene

Welp, it’s officially official folks.

Taylor wastes no time going after Palazzo in Mississippi’s 4th District ~ Paul Hampton

Gene has a website up and those wanting a yard sign can go here to request one. I’m gonna make time to stop by his campaign office and pick up several to put out across the district.

But the Fluffer Congressman is the GOP Party Establishment choice and they will spend mightily to keep their tool entrenched in DC for Steven Palazzo is a useful tool that is loyal to his political party instead of his people at home.

Gene Taylor officially kicks off campaign to reclaim congressional seat ~ Warren Kulo

Sixty fours days is gonna fly by quickly. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Thank you Gene”

  1. My eye-spy senses are telling me the Palazzo kingdom will fall, the Pickering train may end up derailing which could both cause issues with the deep rooted stump planted in Jackson.

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