Dan Lund for the defense…….

I know Lund from his work in construction law. He has a good reputation among his peers and should do an exemplary job for the Louisiana portion of the Jones Walker malpractice saga. Louisiana portion??? Yep but before I get to that I have this:

Consent Motion and Order

Here is the deal folks. The plaintiff’s contract was with a Mississippi lawyer working on a Mississippi court case thus there is no connection to the forum to which the suit was shopped. In fact there is only one court that really has jurisdiction over this matter far as I can see and luckily for everyone less than seven months ago Judge Susie Morgan issued a quality opinion that gives the answer. I think this part explains it very nicely: Continue reading “Dan Lund for the defense…….”

Innocent until proven guilty??

Paul Purpura checks in with an excellent story from the JP court beat:

In Metairie fatal barroom fight, plea talks delay manslaughter trial

And all the way down at the very bottom of the piece:

She (Judge Miller) also told the prosecutors she wants to hear from Anwar’s family by April 14, whether in person or by affidavit, “in order to come up with a just and appropriate sentence.”

Thank you Gene

Welp, it’s officially official folks.

Taylor wastes no time going after Palazzo in Mississippi’s 4th District ~ Paul Hampton

Gene has a website up and those wanting a yard sign can go here to request one. I’m gonna make time to stop by his campaign office and pick up several to put out across the district.

But the Fluffer Congressman is the GOP Party Establishment choice and they will spend mightily to keep their tool entrenched in DC for Steven Palazzo is a useful tool that is loyal to his political party instead of his people at home.

Gene Taylor officially kicks off campaign to reclaim congressional seat ~ Warren Kulo

Sixty fours days is gonna fly by quickly. Stay tuned.