Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government: Campaign Contribution Report for the April 30, 2014 Parish Council Meeting

Supporters of Good Government:

The Jefferson Parish Council will meet this Wednesday, April 30th at 10 a.m. on the West Bank at the General Government Building in Gretna. Citizens for Good Government will again present summary information from our Campaign Contribution Table shown below. Total campaign contributions of $619,972 were made during the past four years to our councilmen by contractors and subcontractors on whom the councilmembers are scheduled to vote at the April 30th council meeting.

Click to obtain scalable PDF
Click to obtain scalable PDF

Once again the issue on the agenda of greatest concern to Citizens for Good Government is the twice-deferred proposed ordinance which requires our lnspector General to request in writing information and documents from our own government, even though our Code of Ordinances currently provides him unrestricted access to this information. Unfortunately, this terrible ordinance would alert those whom our Inspector General is investigating and would thereby compromise his ability to effectively perform his investigations. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government: Campaign Contribution Report for the April 30, 2014 Parish Council Meeting”

Today’s US Marshals Service moment: Writ of Garnishment

Writ of Garnishment

A writ of garnishment is a process by which the court orders the seizure or attachment of the property of a defendant or judgment debtor in the possession or control of a third party. The garnishee is the person or corporation in possession of the property of the defendant or judgment debtor.

Background: In accordance with Rule 64 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a writ of garnishment may be issued pre- or post-judgment, according to state law and practice. The requesting party may be required to provide an indemnity bond and an advance deposit to cover the U.S. Marshal’s estimated out-of-pocket expenses. Under Rule 69 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, any process issued to enforce a judgment for the payment of money is called a writ of execution. Consequently, in federal practice, there are no post-judgment writs of attachment or garnishment. Rather, the writ of attachment is denominated a writ of execution. Regardless of this denomination, however, enforcement of the writ is governed by state law as applicable to the analogous state law writ and procedure. Thus, a writ issued by a federal district court in Florida for enforcement of a judgment by garnishment will be called a writ of execution, but the U.S. Marshals Service will enforce the writ according to Florida state procedures for garnishment. Continue Reading………..

That high pitched squeal brings back bad memories…..

Weather radios across the state have been working overtime the past few days, here on the coast early this morning as the lightning and thunder was rocking and popping from about 2:00 AM to almost daylight.  Human suffering and major damage stretched across the state but Louisville and Tupelo were hit very hard as the following tweets illustrate:

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Sunday Links: May 6th looms larger, Oooops Greenlit no more, sorry plus new GOP bagmen

First up from denial is a very dangerous thing file:

Mayor says no shortfall for Bay ~ Dwayne Bremer

Fed judges: ‘Jammer1954’ wasn’t federal prosecutor ~ John Simerman

All eyes now on Aircheck.

Finally this blast from the recent past that is well worth highlighting:

The Real Face of Mississippi Government ~ James @ Jackson Jambalaya

BREAKING: A warrant has been issued for the arrest of T.S. Dream

It appears T.S. Dream aka da Tranny aka Terrill Lewis has gone on the lam folks and Capias issued by the authorities in Orange County Florida. Rumor has it a trial was held while Dream was MIA early this week.

Stay tuned to this developing story.

Jim Brown: To Bobby Jindal – Just Do It!

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made a splash of headlines a few weeks ago by proposing his alternative to Obamacare. Many of his ideas are the part of the same list he’s been shopping around for years, some of it pieced together from a litany of Republican proposals. He’s being blistered by a number of state and national columnists for not putting forth anything new or original.

But just because the proposals did not originate from Jindal himself is no cause to at least not give a good look at his suggestions. I’m not concerned that Jindal’s ideas are unoriginal. If he’s to be criticized for anything, it should be for his lack of follow through.

Jindal’s health reform list includes pooling for small businesses, pay for performance, health savings accounts, and change in lifestyles to reduce the likelihood of chronic disease, insurance reform, and medical lawsuit reform. He is suggesting that nurse practitioners and other medical professionals be given more leeway in what they can do.

He endorses high risk pools for those who are hard to insure, something, by the way, that some obscure Louisiana Insurance Commissioner put into place back in the 1990’s. (I think his name was Brown.) Jindal’s to do list also includes offering financial incentives for more healthy behavior and a crack down on what the Governor describes as “rampant fraud” in government healthcare programs. Continue Reading…….