Ninja lawyer front and center……

Attorney’s tactics aimed at ex-colleagues ~ Jeff Adelson

I’ll be honest and say after reading Adelson’s piece, which focused on USA v Howard, that I was left with conflicted emotions and thoughts. The bottom line is barring some sort of miracle the Advocate’s Gordon Russell and John Simerman will be testifying about their meetings with FBI agents.

To me, to understand Gibbens is to understand the snake pit that was the NOLA US Attorney’s office, which saw way more than its fair share of top shelf talent cycle through the doors for over a decade Gibbens being a prime example.  He’s hooked up with the right people to insure he remains at the epicenter of the high-end NOLA criminal defense scene.

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Ninja lawyer front and center……”

  1. “… Among the high-profile cases he worked on was Operation Wrinkled Robe, the feds’ probe into judicial corruption at the Jefferson Parish courthouse.”

    we are of the opinion that ‘Operation Wrinkled Robe’ was one of the most definitive and egregious examples of prosecutorial misconduct involving selective prosecution ever manipulated through the USAO in the EDLA, and mr. gibbens was an active participant in that farce.

    it’s all about the money, and mr. heebe has plenty to spin mr. gibbens.

    1. Maybe what he saw in Wrinkled Robe is the reason he left? We’re way past Alice in Wonderland so it is a fair question.

      If you go back and read some of the analysis of Perricone’s comments you’ll find a pattern of his ex colleagues names being mentioned and usually not in a complementary way. Shaun Clarke comes to mind. Clarke has done well for himself despite Sal’s baldie jokes.

    2. anonymuses: You wrote “….mr.heebe has plenty to spin mr.gibbens”.

      Yo’ tink commenter OnASteed on NOLA and Slabbed was born to spin and after 700+ comments was spun out into da’ cold ?

      When I hear da’ word” Ninja” me tinks of the King of Slice and Dice…da'” Ninja Ultima beyond professional” model:

      “Ninja Ultima beyond professional” not only slices and dices but has twin blade reverse, stab in da’ back, power settings turning even the biggest chunks into a smoothie mix easy for Judges to taste, guzzle down and power on for the energy to write 129 page personal culinary opinions.

  2. To “ANONYMUSES”: I’ll give you the benefit of every doubt, but you really should put your money where your mouth is. Wrinkled Robe nabbed Porteous (but it took too long – 10 years!), Green, Bodenheimer and Benge. LaDart managed to “skate”. It also nabbed the Marcottes, but Chopin, Gardner, Forstall and Lightfoot did not suffer as they should have. Just what ARE you talking about, Anonymuses? Just lay it on the table. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. To that you might add “Wrinkled Robe” mysteriously avoided a certain attorney who had Bodenheimer directing a case after recusal, in the seven digit range.

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