Low lying fruit: This stuff with Tony Thomassie is hardly new

Channel 4 had it once and buried 70% of the story (see below) but Lee Zurik finally swooped in and picked that part up. Of course you could have read 100% of the story here on Slabbed way back in May, 2011:

Folks the chirpin’ birdie is telling me tonight on Channel 4 Tony is front and center in an investigative report that will feature “strippers, selling badges and drinking on duty”.

Thomassie’s habits were common knowledge in Jefferson Parish political circles but as they say better late than never.

Auditors, deputies raid Thomassie’s home office ~ Lee Zurik

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All that said lifers here also remember Thomassie showed up as one of then Parish Prez Aaron Broussard and Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson’s deadhead paralegals along with others including Ken Trahan. Those that wish to catch up can click on the post tags for Thomassie and Steve Mortillaro for a sampling of the posts that literally put Slabbed New Media on the map.

In any event my best sources are telling me that Thomassie has proverbially overstayed his welcome and is isolated politically. This in turn means there could well be a public sacrifice. I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.