And the big guns come out: A periodic Haller Jackson case update

The two topics that have been burning up these pages in Q1 are the LSU Sorority girl turned porn star (Morgan has also helped Slabbed set all time site traffic records for the post) and the Haller Jackson arrest. Traffic related to the Jackson arrest and prosecution has been significant, regular and geographically broad based with all the finest people the U.S. legal profession has to offer coming here for more information. I hope to have something more substantive once the 15th passes and I gain time to do some quality digging.

Until then I can say with authority not much has happened since the last update. The hearing I referenced back on February 15th did happen but all that happened was both sides joined hands and asked for a continuance so now the hearing is set for late April.  The hearing will cover Motions for Preliminary Examination and To Suppress Confession, Identification and Physical Evidence.

The big gun referenced above was Frank Desalvo, who appeared on behalf of Jackson last Friday.

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  1. Hit the link below for the order.

    Supreme Court strips Maggio’s docket, will assign special judges

    The Arkansas Supreme Court stripped Faulkner County Circuit Judge Mike Maggio of his court docket in an unprecedented order Monday.

    The order, signed by Chief Justice Jim Hannah, says the Supreme Court has been advised operations in Maggio’s court, 20th Judicial District, Division 2, have been disrupted and that administration of justice has been “severely compromised,” due in part to recusal issues.

    From the order (linked at link above):

    The supreme court has been advised that court operations in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, Division 2, have been disrupted, and that the orderly administration of justice has been severely compromised, due, in part, to recusal issues.

    “Recusal issues”? Uh oh.

    Maggio was set to preside over at least one other open status case involving Salem Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc., another of Morton’s properties.

    The case’s plaintiffs include a resident whose family alleges he suffered injury due to negligence by the facility and its administrators.

    The case was filed in August of last year but has been continued.

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