For those of you legal eagles that specialize in jury profiling….

Here on the spacious campus of the worldwide headquarters of Slabbed New Media on the west side of Pine Hill, the following from the east side of Pine Hill sums it up for rural south Mississippi folks:

“We can’t exactly compete with the big festivals along the Coast and we don’t try to mask ourselves as those,” he said Saturday. “We are a family festival. You can bring your kids. There’s not vulgar music or alcohol everywhere. It’s just a really family-friendly environment and that’s what we pride ourself on, the small-town feel.”

And the research even travels well. 🙂

Back on the main stage, country musician Jeff Bates had the crowd swaying and singing along to several of his chart toppers, such as “Long, Slow Kisses.”

A native of Columbia, Bates said he loves getting back to Mississippi any chance he gets. Continue reading “For those of you legal eagles that specialize in jury profiling….”