Randall Cajun of Trout Point Lodge gets nuttier and nuttier, files suit against Jones Walker and coast attorney Henry Laird

I could be wrong folks but it looks like the Goatherders are attempting to retry their resounding SPEECH Act loss to me in Federal Court in the New Orleans CDC.  This suit is ill advised on so many levels to the point where I am giddy with anticipation. Alan Jacobus of San Francisco California and Danny Abel of the Super 8 Motel Legal Department for Team Goatherder:

TPL v Jones Walker and Laird TPL v Jones Walker and Laird

15 thoughts on “Randall Cajun of Trout Point Lodge gets nuttier and nuttier, files suit against Jones Walker and coast attorney Henry Laird”

      1. Thanks for posting. Will stop by tonight when I will have time to figure out all the missing words. What I could quickly read kind of matched what I had imagined.

        Heh, it’s Tuesday, there must be some youtube music link that fits. Still waiting for some musical inspiration to strike. Meantime here is a seldom seen slightly topical clip.

        1. Indeed that is their only tactic. Vaughn Perret is a self proclaimed Park Avenue lawyer. Their arguments on paying $26,000 when there was supposed to be a $2,000 cap are nonsensical when you consider that.

          Charles Leary is playing copyright troll again. The hole they have dug for themselves is mighty deep.

          I have filed and scheduled for hearing a Motion for a preliminary injunction against these clowns in the Circuit Court of Hancock County Mississippi. When the time is right I will release the date and time of the hearing for those that may wish to attend in Gulfport.

          Finally this suit is an admission they can’t beat me with their childish complaints in an US courtroom. That does not mean I can’t sue them under the SPEECH Act and ding them for even more in fees when I do because it is coming. And when I do I’ll throw in all the bogus DMCA take down notices as well. After this I can’t see any self respecting attorney in Mississippi taking these idiots on for clients because after you lose (and lose they will) you then get sued for malpractice.

          1. Doug, I read the complaint, looking for some backdoor play to rope you into court, certainly you are not an indispensable party under the old code article, and I can’t see any necessary party. A third party demand of any kind really stretches the imagination.

  1. “Hysterical queens” is the phrase which readily cmes to mind.

    Perhaps this is merely an attempt to get a “go away and leave me alone” settlement, because the legal fees incurred clearly will far, far exceed the payout given the Dickensian-delays possible in state court.

    1. we are of the the opinion that this specious lawsuit that includes allegations of fraud by the defendants, jones,walker, could be the proverbial straw that broke the monkey’s back as it concerns these litigious terrorists, abel and his co-horts, leary and perret.

      surely jones,walker has sufficient legal talent and financial resources to deal with this frivolous and vexatious complaint. negotiating with courthouse extortionists is not an option, and we suggest that jones,walker proceed to defend accordingly.

      1. Anon, I was thinking more on the malpractice carrier waving a few green bills beneath the noses of the queer trailer trash and seeing them disappear….

        1. then possibly jones,walker should option not to have their E&O carrier defend, if as you suggest, their counsel will just appease this foolishness.

          we believe jones walker would do well to mirror doug’s posture of confronting evil, and fight the good fight.

  2. Hmmmm, it sounds like an Intervention for my legal fees incurred in your defense might be in order.

    I laughed at the irony of them challenging legal fees I charged to you of about $60,000.00 as unreasonable before Judge Guirola in Federal Court, when Jones Walker charged double that! In any event, Mr. Laird did the best he could with pro se plaintiffs not making their case in the Canadian court, proving the old Abe Lincoln adage – “He who represents himself……..”

    1. Which makes all the more puzzling the suit, Truitt, given they have no offset even by way of moral obligation as the NovaScotia suit was an absolute nullity….

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