Randall Cajun of Trout Point Lodge gets nuttier and nuttier, files suit against Jones Walker and coast attorney Henry Laird

I could be wrong folks but it looks like the Goatherders are attempting to retry their resounding SPEECH Act loss to me in Federal Court in the New Orleans CDC.  This suit is ill advised on so many levels to the point where I am giddy with anticipation. Alan Jacobus of San Francisco California and Danny Abel of the Super 8 Motel Legal Department for Team Goatherder:

TPL v Jones Walker and Laird TPL v Jones Walker and Laird

If only a simple inquiry had been made……..

In my time doing Slabbed, of all the crazy shit I’ve seen, this folks is by far is the richest of the rich.

I write this because way back in late 2011, if only a few thoughtful questions had been asked…………. Slabbed well knew exactly what would happen. The operative term here is “prescient” two years after the fact.

Stay tuned for an an important announcement from Slabbed New Media.