Fresh Blood

So what we have here is a popular Mayor, already re-elected to a second term, see both of his hand picked candidates for the City Council crash and burn. Both were long time fixtures in City government.

Jason Williams claims victory over Cynthia Hedge-Morrell for New Orleans City Council at-large Division 2 ~ Richard Webster

Nadine Ramsey defeats Jackie Clarkson for New Orleans City Council ~ Andrea Shaw

Fresh blood is a good thing IMHO. Could the 2014 NOLA City elections be a harbinger of things to come? Here in Mississippi Chris McDaniel is banking on exactly that.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Blood”

  1. Its sad when a city can only put forth two octogenarian white crony candidates, ” Sue D.( Doctors) ” Foti and Ms.”Hollywood” Clarkson, and that answers the question why Houston and Atlanta have prospered to populations of 5 million plus while we still have a political race war going on as to what race will get the crony $$$$$ spoils.

    It is good to see Ms.” Hollywood” gone but Jason’s, of American Zombie, comments at NOLA paint an all too familiar, depressing ” dark” future and possible looming Detroit scenario for da’ Big Easy.

    The only bright spot was a coalition of white and Afro-American voters voting no to a new 50 year tax renewal for the Foreman Museums whose high admission prices alone should make them a self-sustaining industry after 40 years of tax support.

    Anyway why should we build a cruel, confining Worm Museum or a Dung Beetle Conservitorium when we can see them slime around CityHall and run free thru da’ streets rolling huge balls of BS masquerading as our home-boy, endemic politicians !!!!!!!

    1. Sad to say that the serfs of the Lesser Orleans Metro region have a choice which amounts to being a Pole in 1939 and having to choose betwen Alois Schicklegruber and Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili.

      1. Empire Parish: Your highly analogical knowledge of kleptocratic history is out of this Cosmos bro’. I’m guessing, but was Alois da’honkie? Losif done sounds a tadbit more Ethiopian/Afro in me mind.

        With such a mind like yours what is yo’ take on da’ Big Bang wit’ dem radiating polarized microwave and anti- gravity waves hangin’ out dere in da’ universe :

        1. I am particularly intrigued as to the ramifications as to expansion faster than the “speed-of-light” limit. And it would seem that the gravitational wave ripples presage the areas of matter coalescing.

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