In 2010 the Mississippi Bureau of Revenue was reorganized into the Department of Revenue

One big reason was it was common knowledge that nobody ever won appeals at the old Board of Review.  Here is a good piece on the topic by Stephen Wilson at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP of Jackson.

Here we are three plus years out and I have noticed no real difference in the operations beyond the name change. That said, even though the old review board was considered the Mississippi equivalent of the fictional Kobayashi Maru test there is at least one practitioner in the State of Mississippi that managed to beat the Review Board:

Little ol’ me.  🙂

Consider this an open thread.

Fresh Blood

So what we have here is a popular Mayor, already re-elected to a second term, see both of his hand picked candidates for the City Council crash and burn. Both were long time fixtures in City government.

Jason Williams claims victory over Cynthia Hedge-Morrell for New Orleans City Council at-large Division 2 ~ Richard Webster

Nadine Ramsey defeats Jackie Clarkson for New Orleans City Council ~ Andrea Shaw

Fresh blood is a good thing IMHO. Could the 2014 NOLA City elections be a harbinger of things to come? Here in Mississippi Chris McDaniel is banking on exactly that.