All the best dirt comes out during the election cycle

It’s as American as Apple Pie folks.

So, with St Patricks day celebration weekend upon us, I doubt voter turnout in NOLA is very high for today’s City runoff elections. That said the political operatives and astroturfers have been busy in advance of the runoff as Slabbed again illustrates why the comments to a news story are often far better than the news story itself (Facebook only commenting outlets excepted as those websites are not in the game):

Jackie Clarkson lands DA Leon Cannizzaro’s backing in New Orleans City Council race ~ Andrea Shaw

Linda Hodges
Someone please ask Jackie Clarkson about how she and Kristin Palmer intervene on behalf of Palmer’s nephew Geronimo Giselon to get him probation in an armed robbery case when young African Americans go to jail for up to 99 years for the same offense…?

Nola Tourism Economy
Could the “Geronimo Giselson” fiasco have been the scandal that led Kristen Palmer to not run for re-election?

That is, in addition to the scandal revealed by Times-Picayune and Richard Webster that revealed Kristen Palmer was doing the bidding of Stuart Smith and VCPORA because they got her elected and she was trying to funnel funds for noise ordinance enforcement to Wilma Heaton.

Down here in the deep South when the layers of the onion are peeled back, some of the socio-political relationships involved take you to some interesting places including here.

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