JIm Brown: The Puzzling Rise and Fall of Bobby Jindal

Thursday, March 13th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal threw a hissy fit in front of the White House earlier this month. He joined other governors in having a non-partisan luncheon with the president, then walked out on the lawn and began blasting away at what he perceived to be the Obama ineptitude. Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy called Jindal a “cheap shot artist,” and even Jindal’s fellow republican colleagues rolled their eyes in dismay.

So was Jindal out of line in taking pot shots at the president? From Jindal’s perspective — No. Jindal seems to be feeling the heat of a number of rising stars in the Republican ranks. The current presidential talk centers around the likes of new Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, along with Midwest governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Indiana’s Mitch Daniels. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been bogged down in a bridge scandal at home, but still ranks high in national polls of prospective republican presidential candidates.

With the crop of new guys on the block sweeping past him, Jindal no doubt fears that any possible presidential shot could be slipping away. While it may seem desperate to some, Jindal is going after red meat. Throwing bombs at the president may be his only chance to firm up his support with the Obama haters, of which there are substantial numbers, and to hold on to a semblance of staying in the race for national office. It’s fourth and long, and Jindal seems to be throwing a Hail Mary.

So what caused the demise of Bobby Jindal? Six years ago, as the 2008 presidential election was taking shape, the Louisiana Governor was the fair-haired boy of the national Republican Party. In the eyes of many, Jindal was on a fast track to the Oval Office. Here’s what I wrote in a column dated September, 2008: Continue Reading…………..

8 thoughts on “JIm Brown: The Puzzling Rise and Fall of Bobby Jindal”

  1. Mr. Jindal’s “claim to fame” arose merely out of his good fortune in having Mike Foster, one of the less competent governors in modern times, acting as his patron. Jindal reminds one of the traditional establishment politico of either wing of the DemoPubParty, who give life to Clint Eastwood’s quip that they are legends in their own mind.

    1. Quotation by Noam Chomsky: …In the past, the U.S. has sometimes been described sardonically…but not inaccurately…as a one-party state: the business party, with two factions called Democrats and Republicans. That is no longer true. The U.S. is still a one-party state, the business party. But it only has one faction: moderate Republicans, now called New Democrats (as the U.S. Congressional coalition styles itself).

  2. One good thing I’ve noticed about Bobby is his OCD, rapid and repeating speech pattern has been addressed by the apparent intervention of a speech pathologist. Remember his marsh speeches with Billy Nungesser addressing the oil spill or his national Republican speech response to the President’s State of the Union address?

    Can you imagine living in a house with a person who is a Rhodes scholar but has an OCD speech personality? Gotta have a lot of respect for his wife and children for being so understanding.

    Now if he could just do something cosmetically to make him not resemble a smiling Alfred E. Neuman- the infamous ” What Me Worry” guy. The sky would be his limit.


  3. Jim Brown, for once, make a point I can agree on. Jindal missed the boat on building his presidential stock by failing to keep the home fires tended. Look at Bush and Clinton, who rose from their Governor’s Mansion to the White House by, arguably, doing a good job at home first.

    I voted for Jindal twice, but would not vote for him if he ran for dog catcher now. He has done more harm to this State than Roemer, Edwards, Foster, and Blanco combined – and that is a strong statement!

  4. Gotta’ a much more probing political question for Jim Brown though :

    If EWE runs for Congress at the age of 86 will Jim support his Reality TV-like candidacy?

    Now that could be the subject of a future political sequel blog entitled ” The Rise , Fall and Rise of EWE”. Addressing not just a rise politically but medically by his liberal ability to produce more little EWEs but possibly sharing some deep,personal diaper wearing secrets.

    Heck, if elected I could see dat Silver Fox immediately appointed to the Committees on Elderly Diaper Accidents, Planned Octogenarian Parenthood and possibly even Chairman of the Sub-committee on Four Hour Erections.

    1. Holy Erectable, Electable Dreams Batman,

      My previous bone-fide question to Jim Brown stills stands and has Real-TV rigidity today as da’ Silver Fox has thrown his egotesticle, ingenious “head” into da’ Congressional race. And since Jim advertizes EWE’s new book on his website the question is – will Jim back EWE at the still ” very erectable”,political career age of 86 ?

      Will we see ” Erect da’ Crook ” bumper stickers and can dat’ ole Fox proposition his male tampon wearing,Viagra guzzlin’ supporters to ” pull his lever” on his “pole”-litical career “Erection” Day one mo’ time? Or will the voters cause his ” pole”-litico career to be prematurely ejected and it go eternally limp ?

      If erected it sure “wood” help Louisiana’s population and “job” market if da’ Fox could seduce an indomitable, air polluting Viagra plant into his district.

  5. Lock, if we could have an Emmanuel Cellar, Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, John Dingell or even locally, Jamie Whitten, Edwin would represent a mere blip on the Congressional history book!

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